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新论文——手工艺作为可持续性设计转变的杠杆:学理依据发表于《The Design Journal》

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介绍一篇主要基于西方文献的关于手工艺和可持续性设计的关系的论文,2019年6月发表与《The Design Journal》,转发个摘要,如有兴趣读者,可以发信息给我索取全文,Email:x.zhan@lancaster.ac.uk

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Craft as Leverage for Sustainable Design Transformation: A Theoretical Foundation


Traditional craft is often perceived as going against the flow of technological, economic and societal progress. However, emergent research is rediscovering the nature of craft and its potential for contributing to contemporary manufacturing and sustainability. Based on literature, this paper presents an interpretation of craft from three perspectives: practical, epistemological and ontological. Through an analysis of the nature of craft and making, and a comprehensive understanding of design for sustainability, the relationship between craft and sustainability is summarized in terms of accordances and tensions. The contribution of this paper is to: (1) explore practices and meanings of craft in relation to sustainability; and (2) illustrate one lens on the theoretical framing of the relationship between craft and contemporary understandings of sustainability. We argue that craft, as a system of making, knowing and being, has significant potential to contribute to transition, serving as an agency for sustainable transformation.

Keywords: craftmakingsustainable designleveragetransformative change

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