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1995.9-1999.7 同济大学 工程力学系 本科学习
2003.9-2005.9 上海理工大学 管理科学与工程 硕士(提前毕业)
2005.7-2007.11 上海理工大学 管理科学与工程 博士(提前毕业)

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个人代表作10篇(截至2021年年底) 2022-01-04
个人代表作10篇: Sheng-Xue He , Jian-Jia He, Shi-Dong Liang, June Qiong Dong, Peng-Cheng Yuan. A Dynamic Holding Approach to Stabilizing a B ...


读《致命的自负》有感 2022-05-06
读《致命的自负》有感: Why are intellectuals prone to support a big brother? There are four reasons:      1. Standpoint ...
[转载]提高阅读速度的7点技巧 2022-05-04
7 Tips for How to Read Faster (and Still Understand What You Read) By  Suzanne Raga Jul 5, 2017 | Updated: Mar 9, 2021, 12:00 PM ...
AVP条件下的共享停车供需匹配模型及自适应演化算法---何胜学 2022-04-26
AVP条件下的共享停车供需匹配模型及自适应演化算法 何胜学 Shared Parking Demand-supply Match Model and Self-adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm wit ...
基于超级时空网络的公交车辆调度模型及3M进化算法--何胜学 2022-04-26
基于超级时空网络的公交车辆调度模型及3M进化算法 何胜学 摘要 : 针对在时刻表给定条件下如何减少空驶车次和实现具有工作时间公平性的公交车辆调度问题 ...
变成自己讨厌的人是遗憾还是幸运? 2022-04-18
Is it a pity or luck to become the one you hate?   Generally speaking, everyone has a model to follow especially at a young age. I also kno ...
What is the goal of life? 人生的目标是什么? 2022-04-18
No matter how old are you, this problem always appeared in your mind sometimes. We figured out an answer then but were soon unsatisfied with the ans ...
语言自然习得中习得与学得的差异谜团与解决 方法 2022-04-11
语言自然习得中习得与学得的差异谜团与解决方法 The Difference Mystery between Learning and Acquisition in the Natural Acquisition Theory of Language ...
向一类特殊集合进行投影的无迭代式精确解算法 2022-03-31
   发表的 首篇 专注于 应用数学  方面的论文:    何胜学. 向一类特殊集合进行投影的无迭代式精确解算法 .数学的实践与认识,202 ...


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