网络展示广告的分类、横幅广告的成本控制及在线广告交易过程简介(In English)
2023-5-28 06:03
Here are the different types of display advertising: Banner ads : Banner ads are the most common type of display ad. They are typically rectangular in shape and can be static or animated. Banner ads can be used to promote a product, service, or brand. Interstitia ...
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Nothing is Stronger Than a Human Being’s Longing for Freedom
2023-5-22 22:20
Nothing is Stronger Than a Human Being ’ s Longing for Freedom Freedom is among the most fundamental desires of a human being – it resides in everyone ’ s hearts and is a seemingly endless source of strength. It binds us together, provokes our passions, and it i ...
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"乌合之众" 与 "异类:成功的故事" 的比较 __ 答案来自 ChatGPT
2023-5-19 10:07
来自与 ChatGPT 答案: Can you tell the connection and difference between the two books Psychologie des foules and Outlier: the story of success ? Version 1: Psychologie des foules (The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind) by Gustave Le Bon is a ground ...
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未来交通:何去何从?The future of transportation: Where will we go?
2023-5-17 16:08
The future of transportation is something that has been widely discussed and debated in recent years, as technological advances continue to shape the way we travel. As we move into the future, there is no doubt that the transportation industry will look drastically different from what it is today. ...
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无人驾驶车辆与人工智能 Autonomous vehicles (AVs) and AI
2023-5-17 16:02
AV and AI Autonomous vehicles (AVs) combined with artificial intelligence (AI) are set to revolutionize the way we travel and transport goods. As these technologies become more advanced, they will become more reliable and cost-effective, enabling us to use them in everyday life. A ...
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2023-4-26 22:54
摘要: 泊车服务机器人(PVR)可以方便变换车辆泊位的特征为深入发掘共享停车资源的时空利用价值提供了契机。针对“如何在利用好PVR上述优点的同时,减少不必要的移位操作,并降低频繁移位操作带来的事故风险”的问题,建立了满足已知可接受停车需求的预约式共享停车供需匹配优化模型,并设计了对应的和声搜索算法。通过 ...
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2023-4-6 18:59
多班型公交调度的超级时空网络模型及双层邻域搜索算法 摘要 为了在多班型条件下减少公交车空驶时间和在人车固定搭配模式下实现乘务组之间工作时间的平衡,建立了基于超级时空网络的公交调度模型,并设计了具有2层邻域搜索的模型求解算法。通过构建调度的超级时空网络,将不同值班类型利用车场的不同时空起终点 ...
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热度 1 2022-8-26 21:25
Which way is better, to read 100 books or to read a book one hundred times? I have searched online trying to find out what the others say about this issue. By a crude estimation based on the number of videos with the above question as their main topic, I conclude that about two over nine ...
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公平性指派问题及均值逼近求解算法 : 三次分配问题(NP-hard)的四次多项式时间精确求解
2022-7-5 09:17
创新点1:一类NP-hard问题的四次多项式时间复杂度精确求解算法 创新点2:提出了一类具有广泛应用性的指数分配问题 公平性指派问题及均值逼近求解算法 何胜学 ( 上海理工大学 管理学院,上海 200093) 摘要 : 为了平衡任务指派后代理之间的工作负荷,建立 ...
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2022-5-25 06:32
西方议会制度的有效前提和弊端 1. 何为议会制 西方国家的一个基本制度就是议会。所谓议会就是一群来自国民选举的人组成的一个具有特定权利的群体。议会具有的权利一般包括:制定相关法律、批准政府预算、确定一些大政方针、宣布战争等。议会成员聚在一起讨论和辩论一些与国家 ...
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