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Why are intellectuals prone to support a big brother? There are four reasons:


   1. Standpoint from class:  Where you stand decides what you say. In a famous Chinese saying, your butt directs your head! Since as an intellectual, the obtained salary is usually higher than a common person. As a result, a relatively good material life can be enjoyed by intellectuals. Even lacking freedom in other aspects, an intellectual still feels it is a better choice to remain in the current state. In view of the above observation, we can understand why most intellectuals always support and praise whatever a big brother does or plan to do.


   2. Economic consideration: Fund is mainly obtained from a big brother. Most researches need fund support. Generally, most of the funds come from the big brother. It is very hard for a researcher to harm his potential of obtaining various funds from his big brother. On the other hand, the big brother also makes use of the substantial fund to straighten its will and broadcast its points in the field of ideas. The ladder of careers designed for intellectuals in most of the institutes forces the members at lower levels to remain silent or polish the apple.


   3. Self-interested: Take advantage of their position and make use of their knowledge to benefit their own. The training at school brings an advantage to intellectuals to understand a complex situation more easily and quickly than a common person. In general, intellectuals can express themselves more clearly and broadly and loader than a common person. When they realize it is nearly impossible for them to against a powerful big brother, they will choose to follow the direction of the big brother and join the team to echo the voice of the big brother. This situation can be easily understood by the following example. When a man tells a lie publicly that everyone knows the truth, no one dares to point it out. The wise choice for most intellectuals will be to agree with the liar.


   4. Education leads to self-conceit: Self-conceit makes intellectuals believe everything can be managed and controlled properly. Science and technology continue to change our daily life. Many fancies become reality. Though many problems are still unsolved, we start to believe it is only a matter of time. Nowadays, people accept that a big brother can control all the resources and optimize its operations if some proper theories exist and be applied. It will be impossible to clarify why society cannot be operated under the complete control of a big brother in a short paragraph. Readers can refer to other literature, such as the book <The Fatal Conceit>.

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