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Tree Physiology:四倍体杂交鹅掌楸的转录组+蛋白质组分析
2021-5-15 18:44
Transcriptome and proteome analysis suggest enhanced photosynthesis in tetraploid Liriodendron sino-americanum ...
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Nature Communications:宽叶菜豆基因组揭示热胁迫下的适应与驯化
2021-5-14 10:22
The tepary bean genome provides insight into evolution and domestication under heat stress ...
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Genome Biology:白菜胚胎中由RdDM起始的CHH甲基化受到胚胎自主控制
2021-5-13 08:49
Embryo CHH hypermethylation is mediated by RdDM and is autonomously directed in Brassica rapa ...
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Plant Biotechno J:棉花miR164-CUC2-BRC1模块通过ABA介导植株的侧枝发育
2021-5-12 08:43
The miR164‐GhCUC2‐GhBRC1 module regulates plant architecture through abscisic acid in cotton ...
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Plant Reproduction:单、双子叶模式植物(短柄草 v.s. 拟南芥)胚胎发生的时序比较转录组分析
2021-5-11 08:56
Conserved,divergent and heterochronic gene expression during Brachypodium and Arabidopsis embryo development ...
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2021-5-10 09:16
A cis -regulatory atlas in maize at single-cell resolution 第一作者 : ...
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Cell Reports:拟南芥bHLH48/bHLH60和PIF7一起作用于下胚轴伸长的调控
2021-5-9 16:26
Two bHLH transcription factors, bHLH48 and bHLH60, associate with phytochrome interacting factor 7 to regulate hypocotyl elongation in Arabidopsis ...
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Molecular Plant:QSOX1通过靶向GSNOR调控ROS水平,从而介导植株免疫
2021-5-8 11:04
Redox sensor QSOX1 regulates plant immunity by targeting GSNOR to modulate ROS generation 第一 ...
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Plant Cell:番茄Sde1A基因作用于分枝和复叶发育
2021-5-7 19:39
Super determinant1A, a RAWUL domain-containing protein, modulates axillary meristem formation and compound leaf development in tomato ...
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Nature Communication:拟南芥AHL15基因介导体胚发生和基因组复制
2021-5-6 08:03
An Arabidopsis AT-hook motif nuclear protein mediates somatic embryogenesis and coinciding genome duplication ...
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