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Welcome to the Red Rain Garden——the first rain garden on campus!

Did you know that without the rain garden, you might stand in water? Prior to the garden, this area flooded during storms, impacting pedestrian walkways and threatening the red oak tree's vitality.

The rain garden directs stormwater away from the oak tree and sidewalks. The garden design captures water to use as a resource instead of allowing the water to rush into storm sewers and flood downstream. The garden plants which are native to Illinois, have extensive root systems that are excellent at soaking up and filtering excess water while adding beauty to the landscape.

Professor Anton Endress' 2006 Restoration Ecology classes designed and installed the rain garden with assistant from Facilities & Services, the City of Urbana and in cooperation with University Housing. To complement the garden, art student Jennifer Astwood designed the "Prairie Fire" sculptures under the guidance of Professor Alex Fekete.

The rain garden is a Blue Faculty/Student Project funded by Facilities & Services and other volunteers provide continued maintenance.

Thank you for visiting the Red Oak Rain Garden!


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