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IP: 136.186.19.*   [22]武京治   2011-4-8 15:12
Assistant  here   at your service.
我的回复(2011-4-8 16:15):What would you like to do? Editing abstracts for free, or edit manuscripts for fee? I have two papers that need to be edited, and two more are coming.

By the way, editing abstracts are rather rewarding. I have been thanked and thanked again.
IP: 61.150.69.*   [21]汪梦雅   2011-4-7 15:06
   shake hands with you and say : wow, your English is good ~~~
我的回复(2011-4-7 16:08):Thanks.
IP: 61.150.69.*   [20]汪梦雅   2011-4-7 14:56
   oh,no~~gesus~~it is a boy ~ a very cute little boy !!
我的回复(2011-4-7 15:01):Sorry, he is too cute and too small to be seen as a boy.
IP: 61.191.253.*   [19]张国庆   2011-4-7 07:48
IP: 61.150.69.*   [18]汪梦雅   2011-4-6 14:37
   打错单词了,是service ~~~what i wanna say is never mind, nice to meet you ~~
我的回复(2011-4-7 01:25):Nice meeting this beautiful little girl (the photo).
IP: 61.150.69.*   [17]汪梦雅   2011-4-6 14:16
you just offer  srevice about editting ? i misunderstood ~~~
我的回复(2011-4-6 14:21):    Sorry.
IP: 61.150.69.*   [16]汪梦雅   2011-4-6 14:15
at least i am NOT BUSIER than you  
IP: 61.150.69.*   [15]汪梦雅   2011-4-6 14:00
   anyone who are in well command of English could have the opportunity to participate in interpretating the abstract from paper writers, so why only you call on this service?/ well ,in my point of view , it should be a service organization.
我的回复(2011-4-6 14:05):Well, I don't translate. I am a freelance English editor, and I am pretty fast at editing (but not fast at translation). I don't know why no one joins me to offer such free service.   Maybe everyone is busier than I am?
IP: 61.150.69.*   [14]汪梦雅   2011-4-6 13:54
TQ: three Q~~3 Q ~~thank you ~~ right ??
IP: 119.56.91.*   [13]huayuwujie   2011-4-6 13:14
虞左俊:  TQ : thank you (so much)   /3ks  /tx  / tk  /  3x  /  ,   today  /  2 day   ,  see you  /  cu   / su  /  siu  。。。。。。 Monday  / Mon  。。。。。。
口語的錯誤縮寫,方便message & 伊梅爾 &  fax  常常會用到。  正式的書面不可以這樣用。
IP: 119.56.91.*   [12]huayuwujie   2011-4-6 12:48
我的回复(2011-4-6 13:06):What does TQ mean?
IP: 219.234.135.*   [11]王应宽   2011-3-28 14:13
How are you recently? You are so deligent in keeping you blogs. Most importantly you make it in English all the time.  Cheer for you and congratulations!

Again, than you for meeting me during my visit to Oahu!

With my best regards.

IP: 119.1.11.*   [10]xyglm   2011-3-1 19:24
824696720(824696720)  19:21:54
我的回复(2011-3-2 07:23):Not enough info for me to help you.
IP: 159.226.156.*   [9]李学宽   2011-2-14 10:16
我的回复(2011-2-14 10:43):Tell kate that I am very happy for her!
IP: 159.226.156.*   [8]李学宽   2011-2-14 09:23
我的回复(2011-2-14 10:13):No, there was no rabbit.
I hope Kate is doing well.
IP: 123.233.150.*   [7]祁峰   2011-2-8 17:13
我的回复(2011-2-9 03:41):But, you are a "tutor" :)
IP: 222.40.126.*   [6]李学宽   2011-2-2 08:48
我的回复(2011-2-2 12:29):给Li老师拜年!:)
I hope Kate will have a great 2011!
IP: 117.136.9.*   [5]何青   2011-1-29 20:59
Welcome to our institute. The name is Institute of  Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
我的回复(2011-1-30 01:47):What a small world! Yes, I heard of Roger Yu, but have never met him.
By the way, I will visit the OUC in March. I will make an announcement once my lectures are scheduled.
IP: 117.136.9.*   [4]何青   2011-1-26 10:31
我的回复(2011-1-29 16:36):What is the name of your institute? Maybe I will pay you a visit some time :)
IP: 111.123.8.*   [3]xyglm   2011-1-20 12:44
我的回复(2011-1-20 14:41):We will see.
Oh, I teach English at the SciNet for free. So if you have a few sentences that need to be polished up, feel free to ask me.

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