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A-query: glaucoma

The B-list contains title words and phrases (terms) that appeared in both the A and the C literature. 414 articles appeared in both literatures and were not included in the process of computing the B-list but can be viewed here. The results of this search are saved under id # 7288 and can be accessed from the start page after you leave this session. There are 265 terms on the current B-list (45 are predicted to be relevant), which is shown ranked according to predicted relevance. The list can be further trimmed down using the filters listed in the left margin.

To assess whether there appears to be a biologically significant relationship between the AB and BC literatures for specific B-terms, please select one or more B-terms and then click the button to view the corresponding AB and BC literatures. Use Ctrl to select multiple B-terms.

job id # 7288 started Sun Jun 15 21:01:15 2014
Max_citations: 50000
Stoplist: /var/www/arrowsmith_uic/data/stopwords_pubmed
Ngram_max: 3
A_query_raw: glaucomaSun Jun 15 21:01:22 2014

A query = glaucoma started Sun Jun 15 21:01:22 2014
A query resulted in 50000 titles
C_query_raw: glaucoma Sun Jun 15 21:01:27 2014

C: glaucoma 53686

A: pubmed_query_A 53686

AC: ( glaucoma ) AND ( glaucoma ) 53686

C_query_raw: MYOC OR WDR36 OR OPTN OR OPA1 Sun Jun 15 21:02:15 2014


A: pubmed_query_A 53686

AC: ( glaucoma ) AND ( MYOC OR WDR36 OR OPTN OR OPA1 ) 414

C_query_raw: MYOC OR WDR36 OR OPTN OR OPA1 Sun Jun 15 21:02:18 2014


A: pubmed_query_A 53686

AC: ( glaucoma ) AND ( MYOC OR WDR36 OR OPTN OR OPA1 ) 414

C query = MYOC OR WDR36 OR OPTN OR OPA1 started Sun Jun 15 21:02:18 2014
C query resulted in 1325 titles
A AND C query resulted in 414 titles
2809 B-terms ready on Sun Jun 15 21:09:51 2014

Genes & Molecular Sequences, and Gene & Protein Names
265 B-terms left after filter executed Sun Jun 15 21:12:55 2014

B-list on Sun Jun 15 21:17:28 2014
1 myocilin
2 optineurin
3 tigr
4 myopia
5 caspase
6 genome wide
7 akt
8 promoter polymorphism
9 lumican
10 optic atrophy
11 cdna
12 tigr gene
13 hla
14 pax6
15 rapd
16 cdna a
17 exon
18 single nucleotide polymorphism
19 mtor
20 gene chinese
21 drp1
22 nf kappab
23 diabetes mellitus
24 olfactomedin
25 candidate gene
26 gene encoding
27 wfs1 gene
28 wfs1
29 transcription factor
30 bax
31 diabetes
32 alzheimer disease
33 glucocorticoid receptor
34 progressive external ophthalmoplegia
35 cdk5
36 cytokine
37 sod1
38 leptin
39 codon
40 race
41 genome
42 bak
43 gene patient
44 autophagy
45 domain



AB literature


BC literature

glaucomatigrMYOC OR WDR36 OR OPTN OR ...
1: Focus on Molecules: Myocilin/TIGR. 2005
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2: Only neutral polymorphisms found in the TIGR/myocilin gene of 45 Polish patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. 2004
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3: [Study of TIGR gene in patients with primary open angle glaucoma] 2004
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4:TIGR is upregulated in the chronic glial scar in response to central nervous system injury and inhibits neurite outgrowth. 2003
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5: [Study on the gene mutation of TIGR in primary open angle glaucoma, their relatives and normal controls in Chongqing] 2003
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6: A multidomain TIGR/olfactomedin protein family with conserved structural similarity in the N-terminal region and conserved motifs in the C-terminal region. 2002
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7: [Study on single nucleotide polymorphism of TIGR gene in primary open-angle glaucoma patients] 2002
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8: Reduced TIGR/myocilin protein in the monkey ciliary muscle after topical prostaglandin F(2alpha) treatment. 2001
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9: Expression of myocilin/TIGR in normal and glaucomatous primate optic nerves. 2001
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10: Novel TIGR sequence alteration Val53Ala. 2000
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11: Truncations in the TIGR gene in individuals with and without primary open-angle glaucoma. 2000
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12: [The attempt to identify mutations in TIGR gene in Polish patients with primary open angle glaucoma] 2000
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13: [To screen, clone and sequence TIGR gene mutation in Chinese patients with primary open- angle glaucoma] 2000
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14: Detection of a new TIGR gene mutation in a Japanese family with primary open angle glaucoma. 1999
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15: Immunofluorescence method for quantifying the trabecular meshwork glucocorticoid response (TIGR) protein in trabecular meshwork and Schlemm's canal cells. 1999
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16: Juvenile open angle glaucoma: fine mapping of the TIGR gene to 1q24.3-q25.2 and mutation analysis. 1998
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17: Gene structure and properties of TIGR, an olfactomedin-related glycoprotein cloned from glucocorticoid-induced trabecular meshwork cells. 1998
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18: Novel mutations in the TIGR gene in early and late onset open angle glaucoma. 1998
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19: Characterization of the murine TIGR/myocilin gene. 1998
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20: Homozygotes carrying an autosomal dominant TIGR mutation do not manifest glaucoma. 1998
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21: Prevalence of mutations in TIGR/Myocilin in patients with adult and juvenile primary open-angle glaucoma. 1998
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22: The TIGR gene, pathogenic mechanisms, and other recent advances in glaucoma genetics. 1998
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23: Cloning and characterization of subtracted cDNAs from a human ciliary body library encoding TIGR, a protein involved in juvenile open angle glaucoma with homology to myosin and olfactomedin. 1997
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24: Recurrent mutations in a single exon encoding the evolutionarily conserved olfactomedin-homology domain of TIGR in familial open-angle glaucoma. 1997
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25: Mutations in the TIGR gene in familial primary open-angle glaucoma in Japan. 1997
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26: Identification of a new 'TIGR' mutation in a family with juvenile-onset primary open angle glaucoma. 1997
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27:TIGR gene in primary open-angle glaucoma and steroid-induced glaucoma. 1997
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1: Effects of elevated intraocular pressure on outflow facility and TIGR/MYOC expression in perfused human anterior segments. 2002
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2: Changes in mRNA levels of the Myoc/Tigr gene in the rat eye after experimental elevation of intraocular pressure or optic nerve transection. 2001
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3: Recombinant TIGR/MYOC increases outflow resistance in the human anterior segment. 2000
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