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Arguments for Criminal Charge of Trespassing

When the U.S. tax payers’ money and OU students’ tuition have been wasted in some shameless effort to aggravate the personal injury that a domestic violence victim has suffered from an OU professor and physician, I was wondering how to interpret the saying by Thomas Jefferson “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the constitution”?

My reflection on these facts often set me pondering over the American Dream I have long heard of since my childhood…

*Domestic violence and abuse made me hospitalized…
*Hard work on my dissertation in the authorized area resulted in a suspicious criminal charge of trespassing…
*Falling prey to domestic violence and criminal charge led to a dismissal from my doctoral program…
*All the happenings led to my current illegal immigration status…

Can life be more of a farce than this? What do you think of the following questions, when confronted the facts and evidence?

1. Can university faculty and staff arbitrarily tell people not to study in public spaces?

The ARC is well known to be open to the public, as the Dean from the Engineering department stated in the police report that the ARC is open to the public 24/7.

2. Does behaving in accordance with rules and directions constitute a crime?

Even if the ARC were not a public space, Ms. Bxxxxx from the College of Engineering stated on July 2, 2015 that once I got permission from the OU faculty I could study at the ARC. I did get permission from two professors on July 2 and July 6, 2015. Both of them stated clearly during the jury trial of Sept. 29, 2015 that they opened the door to Room 303 for me, they gave permission for me to study there, and they had authority to do so.

3. Regardless of this, which does the U.S. constitution deem a crime, (1) my study in the area of College of Medicine with permission from College of Medicine professors, or (2) the report from the College of Engineering staff to the police with biased and misleading information that resulted in my arrest, criminal charge, dismissal from my doctoral program, and illegal immigration status…?

During the jury trial of Sept. 29, 2015, Ms. Bxxxxx told lies and denied her statement about my ability to study at the ARC under the precondition of getting permission from OU faculty. The policemen from OUPD told lies and said that I did not show them the permission email on the day of my being arrested. Even with their lies ignored, does a person’s use of the area with permission from authorized agents constitute a crime?

4. It is uncontroverted that authorized agents, two professors from the College of Medicine, gave me permission to use ARC Room 303. Against the manifest weight of evidence and in the absence of sufficient evidence, is a criminal-trespass conviction still valid when I had expressed permission to be where I was from authorized agents?

Summary: Instead of a narrow-sighted view of the criminal charge of trespassing itself, even more revealing is the context in which I have been brought into a criminal charge of trespassing.

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