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Facts Concerning Criminal Charge of Trespassing (Please see the relevant evidence at the bottom)

In response to the request for the facts concerning criminal charge of trespassing, I am now providing the details in a chronological order.

1. From May 2015 to July 2, 2015, I used different rooms in the ARC for study purpose, with Room 227 often used due to its constant vacancy.

2. Around 9am, July 2, 2015, Dr. Sxxxx Oxxxxxxx, an associate dean from OU College of Engineering, came to Room 227 and inquired about my situation. I explained in detail the domestic violence and abuse I suffered and my need to work hard on my dissertation. He told me that he would meet some other people and let me know if I could continue to use Room 227.

3. Around 10:24 am, July 2, 2015 (according to the police report), Ms. Lxxxxx Bxxxxxx, the chief financial accounting officer for the College of Engineering, reported me to OUPD with intentionally biased and misleading information.

4. Around 2 pm, July 2, 2015 Ms. Bxxxxx came to Room 227 with two policemen. Under their request, I went out of Room 227 and placed a call to Dr. Oxxxxxxx who said in the morning that he would let me know later.

5. Around 3:17 pm, July 2, 2015, Dr. Oxxxxxxx told me by phone that I’d better check with the OU legal to ask about the possibility of my use of the ARC.

6. Around 3:31 am, July 2, 2015, I talked to the OU legal counsel and was told that the concern was expressed specifically about Room 227 and that I need to ask the person in charge to inquire about the use of other rooms.

7. Around 4 pm, I met Ms. Bxxxxx in the hallway with Dr. Oxxxxxxxx standing beside us. When they told me that I am not affiliated with OU and therefore cannot use the ARC, I explained my situation and the reason for my long hours worked in the ARC. Ms. Bxxxxxx stated that only under the condition that I get permission from OU faculty can I use the ARC. I repeated her words to confirm the information further, and in response she said “Yes, you can use the ARC if you get permission, but I doubt you can get it”. I kept silent at her words, although they made me feel hurt.

8. Around 6:30 pm, July 2, 2015, I wrote an email to Dr. Dxxxxx Ixxxx, the dean of the College of Engineering to request any document clarifying whether I could use ARC or not. The email was not answered until 3:35 pm, July 7, 2015.

9. Between 6 pm and 7 pm, a few minutes after I sent the email, I spoke to Dr. Coschigano, a professor with College of Medicine, and got permission to use the ARC, Room 303, a College of Medicine conference room. Dr. Coschigano told me that she would try to leave that door unlocked for me in the future, but could not guarantee that it would be unlocked.

10. On July 6, 2015, I also received permission to use Conference Room 303 in the ARC from Dr. Aili Guo, a professor with the College of Medicine. I explained to Dr. Guo that I was not affiliated with Ohio University, but that I wanted to use the room to study for my work from the University of Missouri. Dr. Guo unlocked the door to Room 303 for me. Dr. Guo told me that it was okay to use the room as long as it was not occupied by students or faculty of the College of Medicine.

11. Around 3:35 pm, July 7, 2015, Dean Ixxxx from the College of Engineering responded to my July 2 email. The email explained that because I was not an Ohio University student, I was not permitted to use the ARC facilities. I sent a responsive email to Dr. Ixxxx, one around 4:01 pm and the other around 5:26 pm, to inform him that I got permission to study in the area I used and to ask him if there was any problem. I have never received any response.

12. Around 5:30 pm, July 7, 2015, I was arrested when two policemen told me that Ms. Bxxxxx reported me to them for trespassing and I subsequently showed them the email from Dr. Aili Guo that stated she gave permission to me.

13. Two days later, human resources sent an email to Ohio University employees in the ARC instructing them not to allow me into the ARC.

14. On July 9, August 6, and Sept. 24, 2015, I experienced three pre-trials. The investigation from the Public Defender’s Office found that the Alden library staff Mr. Sxxxxxxxxx (who stole my materials in April 2015 at Alden library) and the College of Engineering staff Ms. Bxxxxx (who reported me to OUPD with biased and misleading information) are connected.

During the pre-trial of Sept. 24, 2015, Mr. Paul Trinh stated at the court that the other side would like to dismiss the criminal charge of trespassing, if I could promise to leave Athens forever and never to return. I refused to make such a promise that blatantly mocked U.S law and democratic values.

15. Around 8:30 am on Sept. 29, 2015, before the jury trial started, in the Chamber, Athens City Prosecutor Ms. Txxxx Mxxx criticized, in front of Judge Gxxx, another legal counsel, and me, the public defender for his effort to defend justice.

Two professor from the OU College of Medicine, Dr. Karen Coschigano and Dr. Aili Guo, told the judge honestly at the court that they opened the door to ARC room 303 for me with their own keys, they gave me permission to study there, and they had the authority to do so.

In contrast Ms. Bxxxxx from the College of Engineering and two policemen from OUPD told lies against their work ethics. Ms. Bxxxxx told lies and said that she did not say on July 2, 2015 that I could study in the ARC if I got permission. The two policemen also told lies and said that on July 7, 2015, I did not show them the permission letter when they went to Room 303.

Judge Gxxx stated that he still remembered me because he supported the eviction by my ex-fiancé against me one year before and that I should be inflicted with a severe punishment given my “bad” history.

16. I was ultimately convicted of criminal trespass during the jury trial of Sept. 29, 2015.

17. My case was submitted to Columbus in Oct. 2015 for appeal, with Mr. Allen Vender from the Office of Ohio Public Defenders representing me.


1.Intentional infliction of starvation before Nov. 2014

2.Hospitalization due to intentional infliction of starvation and intentional infliction of emotional distress between late Oct. 2014 and early Nov. 2014

3.Police report in which Ms. Bxxxx provided biased and misleading information on July 2, 2015:
A)I studied in the ARC instead of living there
B)I had never “squatted” anywhere
C)I had never been to my ex-fiance’s place, let alone “reportedly sleeping on his couch”
D)I had never lived in My Sister’s Place before Sept. 2015
E)I told Dr. Oxxxxxx around 9 am about domestic violence I suffered and my need to work hard to regain independence and self-estee, but why did the police make a report like this around 10:24 am on July 2, 2015.

4.My email sent around 6:30 pm on July 2, 2015 to inquire about the document concerning my ability to study in the ARC

5.July 2, 2015 Permission I got from Dr. Coschigano, a few minutes after I sent the email: The email was sent on July 8, 2015 to remind her of her permission on July 4 when I felt something dangerous would happen to me after being arrested and charged with trespassing on July 7, 2015. The professor testified everything during the jury trial of Sept. 29, 2015

6.July 6, 2015 Permission I got from Dr. Aili Guo

7.ARC Room 303 photo

8.July 7, 2015 Response from the College of Engineering to my July 2, 2015 email

9.July 7, 2015 Notification from the College of Engineering

10.My Response to the Notification around 4 pm on July 7, 2015

11.My Response to the Notification around 5 pm on July 7, 2015

12.July 9, 2015 Criminal charge of trespassing associated with my arrest on July 7, 2015

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