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Facebook Post:Facebook公开的第三封邮件

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The third email that I am now posting on the page of Help Our Sister Li Ouyang to Fight for Justice is concerning the mutual agreement to the Three Love Principles, based on which my ex-fiance, the abuser, who is Ohio University professor and physician, booked the air ticket for me to move to Ohio. He faxed the affidavit of support with bank statement, and booked the air ticket for me before I talked with my supervisor about the issue.

Given some doubt about the previous emails, I will post both my original Chinese email and the air ticket my ex-fiance sent to me on July 14, 2013, following the English translation of my email.

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 20:51:20 -0500
Subject: Honey, I get used to talking to you before going to sleep each night

Honey, missing you…

It is now 4:05 pm. I tried to send an email to myself just now. It turned out that the email background is formed by different blocks of colors. So confusing…Have you seen the background images for each email I sent to you? Extremely puzzled…An idea comes to me that we compete in writing a love letter to each other when we reunite, and see whose writing is horribly sweeter and more nauseating…I am now rubbing my hands eagerly, every muscle ready, hehe…Hugging and kissing you, baby…

For no reason, the thought of reuniting with you makes me not only excited and exhilarated, but also uncertain and nervous…Honey, let’s strictly follow our Three Love Principles. A promise is a promise: Give me your little finger and this is our pinky promise…Why do I feel that our imminent reunion is both remote and impending day by day? It gives me the impression that we have never separated but in the meantime our last meeting happened a century ago…It seems that the theory of relativity is not groundless: Happy get-together time is always fleeting and evanescent, while painful separation seems endless and boundless.

Baby, I cannot help smiling at the thought of your naughty and boyish performance, which is a happy smile from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much…I feel so sorry for making you expect and wait in anguish and agony. I miss you too…In this tumultuous and turbulent world, this simple, pure, and transparent love appears all the more precious and dear than is dreamed of and aspired to. Let’s treasure this hard-to-get love with care.

Sending you a kid’s song, a simple song that may cleanse our soul and purify our heart. Baby, wherever and whenever, no matter how old we are, let’s keep a youthful heart with enthusiasm for life, ok?

One Type of Happiness Called Youthfulness:

Wish I am like the star, and you like the moon, beaming light to each other forever---Yours Li

Please see the following two documents:

My Original Chinese Email:

Air Ticket My Ex-fiance Booked:

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