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Facebook Post: 在Facebook公开的第二封邮件

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Facebook Page: Help Our Sister Li Ouyang to Fight for Justice

The second email I am now posting, as followed, on the page of Help Our Sister Li Ouyang to Fight for Justice is the translation of the email I sent in July 2013 to my ex-fiance, the abuser, who is an Ohio University professor and physician. The email below manifests the Three Love Principles that my ex-fiance and I agreed to follow before I moved to Ohio on August 7, 2013. (1) My experience of domestic violence since I moved to Ohio, (2) suspicious charge of trespassing when studying in the authorized area in July 2015, (3) dismissal from the doctoral program on Sept. 29, 2015 as a result of domestic violence and criminal charge of trespassing, and (4) reduction to illegal immigrant status with no place to live but in different shelters since Sept. 2015, all of these happenings seem unimaginable after reading this letter.

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 14:52:50 -0500
Subject: Honey, please see our three love principles O(∩_∩)O

Sweetheart, kissing you…

It is now 1:50 pm. I have just come back to the library after the lunch in Plaza. Last night when I talked about participating in Bible Study together, going to church for worship together, and reading books together in the library after we reunite in August (Note: My ex-fiance and I normally talked for two or three hours a day by phone when we were not in one place), I noticed some reluctance on your side. When thinking of the scene that you introduced me as your sister to your colleagues last time when I was in your hospital, I felt a little uncomfortable then…However, you immediately realized my change of mood and made me feel reassured and confident in your love when you promised that we could see each other’s parents as soon as possible, and that you will formally introduce me to your colleagues and friends as your life partner. Sweetheart, I can feel your serious love and sense of responsibility. Thank you. I am so sorry for my recent not-so-good performance: I am a little touchy and not so thoughtful…I appreciate your understanding, kindness, and tenderness.

I feel so happy at the thought of you when I walk on the campus path these few days. Am I irremediably silly when I should still believe in pure love after experiencing some emotional ups and downs? Do you still remember how to translate the Chinese sayings “still water runs deep” into English as I tested you the other day? Hehe…Baby, within the few days when we were together, I had proposed that we’d better figure out our Three Love Principles that may underlie our relationship, but our Three Love Principles have been frozen at the first one so far even though we spent so much time together for those few days…What a shame! Hehe…At second thought, I feel obliged to add another two points so as to ensure our love can grow and develop healthily. Honey, can you please have a look to see if our Three Love Principles need further revision, ok?

1) Mutual faith/loyalty (exclusive love), mutual respect, Christian ethics oriented family relationship;
2) Respect for parents and filial piety to family;
3) Mutual honesty and zero tolerance of abuse and family violence.

Honey, please do not laugh at my sentimentality: The thought of leaving my familiar campus, my teachers, my friends, and my classmates makes me so sad and reluctant…Although I trust you, I am somehow a little hesitant and worried…We have just lived together for a few days, and are intoxicated with passion and sweetness. It seems to take some time for two people to have better and deeper understandings. I sincerely wish we are the one for each other who will hold hands for a lifetime and grow old together.

Honey, my cellphone will be turned on 24 hours from now on, and you can call me anytime. Sending you a song and hope you will like it:

林峰 & 黄圣依 - 许诺 MV《白蛇传说 主题曲》

Title: "Promise" From: The Sorcerer and The White Snake aka It's Love

Wish I am like the star, and you like the moon, beaming light to each other forever



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