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2016/11/14 Facebook Post Update

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In the face of the malicious rumors from my ex-fiance and his party, I had intended to ignore their harassment and stalking as a whole instead of reducing myself to their level by responding to their/his attack. Given that their/ his rumor spreading behaviors may mislead ill-informed people, out of my respect for those who love and care for me I am now delivering the message to my abuser and those who are helping him spread rumors and conduct cyberbully as a paid job or for whatever reasons:…/deport-criminal-illegal-……/li-ouyang-ohio-immigration-s……/help-li-ouyang-to-fight-for-…

With regards to their lies and dishonesty, I am making the following clarification and will be responsible for my words at court:

1. The accusation of my relation with my ex-boyfriend, Mr. Shawn Chen, turns out to confirm my constant and steadfast stand in principle and truth. Mr. Shawn Chen was my boyfriend during the period of August 2008 and May 2009 and the period between the end of 2010 and May 2012. Due to the unfaithful and lying behaviors from Mr. Shawn Chen, I broke up with him for one year in the middle and chose to break up with him permanently in 2012. Instead of accepting the fact and with an intention to demanding me to see him once a week after I found out his unfaithful behaviors, he harassed me in Oct. 2012 and Feb. 2013 with a false lawsuit concerning his pay to my weekend work in his office. After a review of all the documents I provided to the court, the judge rejected his request and instead offered me a restraining order against him, which I myself rejected in Feb. 2013.

2. I have never used any pictures taken during my teenage years or twenties to mislead online people. All my pictures used online were taken after I left China in 2006. The reason that I did not use my recent pictures is that I do not have any pictures taken during the past two years as a result of my unstable life.

3. As my appeal to Ohio Supreme Court indicates, the only lawsuit between my ex-fiance and me occurred in October 2014, from which I obtained a ridiculous compensation of 300 dollars, with 4500 dollars in total as his liabilities and 4200 dollars as the attorney fee. I have never sued my ex-fiance for "200k" dollars before, nor have I heard of 25k dollars as mentioned in the rumor, but there will be some lawsuit concerning the personal injury he has inflicted on me in the future.

4. As my previous post indicated, I would like to reiterate my questions concerning the suspicious criminal charge of trespassing:

A. Can university faculty and staff arbitrarily tell people not to study in public spaces?

The ARC is well known to be open to the public, as the Dean from the Engineering department stated in the police report that the ARC is open to the public 24/7. I was deprived of my freedom to use public spaces on July 2, 2015, over which I had kept silent. Rather than saying anything against my freedom deprived of using public space, I immediately followed the instruction and made a request for permission, when I was told that I could study at ARC if I got permission,

B. Does behaving in accordance with rules and directions constitute a crime?

Even if the ARC were not a public space, Ms. Bowman from the College of Engineering stated on July 2, 2015 that once I got permission from the OU faculty I could study at the ARC. I did get permission from two professors on July 2 and July 6, 2015. Both of them stated clearly during the jury trial of Sept. 29, 2015 that they opened the door to Room 303 for me, they gave permission for me to study there, and they had authority to do so.

C. Regardless of this, which does the U.S. constitution deem a crime, (1) my study in the area of College of Medicine with permission from College of Medicine professors, or (2) the report from the College of Engineering staff to the police with biased and misleading information that resulted in my arrest, criminal charge, dismissal from my doctoral program, and illegal immigration status…?

During the jury trial of Sept. 29, 2015, Ms. Bowman told lies and denied her statement about my ability to study at the ARC under the precondition of getting permission from OU faculty. The policemen from OUPD told lies and said that I did not show them the permission email on the day of my being arrested. Even with their lies ignored, does a person’s use of the area with permission from authorized agents constitute a crime?

D. It is uncontroverted that authorized agents, two professors from the College of Medicine, gave me permission to use ARC Room 303 (the College of Medicine conference room). Against the manifest weight of evidence and in the absence of sufficient evidence, is a criminal-trespass conviction still valid when I had expressed permission to be where I was from authorized agents?

5. I had never placed any call to 911 when I was living in My Sister’s Place or in Timothy House. Everyone could contact these two shelters to ask for information. Even in my most difficult times, I tried to protect my ex-fiance and his career when I refused to call 911 despite the suggestion from many people, which I really doubt now that he deserves. By the way, I would like to offer the letter from Pastor Martin at First Presbyterian Church and the letter from one witness to demonstrate my faithfulness and integrity.

The letter from Pastor Martin…/Letter%20from%20Pastor%…

The letter from one witness…/10.%20Witness's%20proof…

My ex-fiance could look for excuses everywhere for his own irresponsible behaviors. He refused to provide food or any expense to me after he broke our engagement, because I had a "rich family" in China and I led a “luxurious” life: The fact is that I walked two hours daily with worn shoes and injured feet, had one meal a day, lost consciousness due to anemia, gastritis, depression, and anxiety, was dismissed from my doctoral program due to the probation placed on me after I failed to pay tuition for a few semesters, was put into a criminal charge of trespassing that occurred when the living room as my sleeping area offered no ideal place for academic work and thereby I had to look for somewhere else to work on my papers. The domestic violence and criminal charge of trespassing combined to make me dismissed from my doctoral program and make me an illegal immigrant.

As a physician and professor at Ohio University, my ex-fiance understands very well the consequence of his refusal to provide food or other expenses to me, whereas he not only purposefully ignored my basic needs as a human being who loved him and took good care of his family, but also trampled on the dignity of the U.S law when he purposefully starved me and intentionally inflicted emotion distress. While the U.S. law deprives me of my ability to live a life by working legally off-campus as an international student, I cannot see any justification for the U.S law to allow my ex-fiance who signed the affidavit of support with his swear to the U.S. Government to break his promise at the cost of my own physical health, mental health, academic work, and career development. In particular, when I had intended to finish my program and regain independence as soon as possible from late 2014 to 2015, I was suspiciously put into a criminal charge of trespassing in July 2015 when I did nothing but work on my dissertation in the authorized area with permission from two professors.

From the very beginning up to now, I have been faithful to my promise and to our relationship. I have demonstrated my sincere/ whole-hearted love and defended the purity of love almost at the cost of my own life. I have been bewildered when reflecting over these happenings: With my trust in human beings being abused and betrayed on the one hand while my ex-fiance’s cheating, lying, betraying, and abusing being tolerated and connived at on the other hand, honesty, integrity, faithfulness, and hard work in a woman like me should be punished in the 21 century in this land of the American Dream.

To my abuser and the opposing party as a whole, it is time to stop any farce that you have produced to avoid your responsibility by further aggravating my personal injury.

A person's courage to fight for justice comes from her honesty and integrity, whereas any other people's attempt to block her way to deliver the facts to the general public stems from their cowardice and perfidy.

God Beholds Everything.

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