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前面介绍过“ 科学家首次在血液中发现微塑料”,有人问及与人体健康有无影响,今天专门通过Dimensions数据库进行相关检索,仅仅限于标题和摘要中含有Microplastics,而且选择与 Medical and Health Sciences”相关的高引论文(被引频次≥200次)摘引于下,仅供参考。

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Microplastics in bivalves cultured for human consumption

Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe, Colin R. Janssen

2014, Environmental Pollution - Article

Microplastics are present throughout the marine environment and ingestion of these plastic particles (<1 mm) has been demonstrated in a laboratory setting for a wide array of marine organisms. Here...more

Plastic and Human Health: A Micro Issue?

Stephanie L. Wright, Frank J. Kelly

2017, Environmental Science and Technology - Article

Microplastics are a pollutant of environmental concern. Their presence in food destined for human consumption and in air samples has been reported. Thus, microplastic exposure via diet or inhalation c...more

Oyster reproduction is affected by exposure to polystyrene microplastics

Rossana Sussarellu, Marc Suquet, Yoann Thomas, Christophe Lambert, Caroline Fabioux, Marie Eve Julie Pernet, Nelly Le Goïc, Virgile Quillien, Christian Mingant, Yanouk Epelboin, Charlotte Corporeau, Julien Guyomarch, Johan Robbens, Ika Paul-Pont, Philippe Soudant, Arnaud Huvet

2016, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - Article

Plastics are persistent synthetic polymers that accumulate as waste in the marine environment. Microplastic (MP) particles are derived from the breakdown of larger debris or can enter the environment ...more

Microplastic particles cause intestinal damage and other adverse effects in zebrafish Danio rerio and nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Lili Lei, Siyu Wu, Shibo Lu, Mengting Liu, Yang Song, Zhenhuan Fu, Huahong Shi, Kathleen M. Raley-Susman, Defu He

2017, The Science of The Total Environment - Article

Microplastics have been frequently detected in aquatic environments, and there are increasing concerns about potential effects on biota. In this study, zebrafish Danio rerio and nematode Caenorhabditi...more

Human Consumption of Microplastics

Kieran D. Cox, Garth A. Covernton, Hailey L. Davies, John F. Dower, Francis Juanes, Sarah E. Dudas

2019, Environmental Science and Technology - Article

Microplastics are ubiquitous across ecosystems, yet the exposure risk to humans is unresolved. Focusing on the American diet, we evaluated the number of microplastic particles in commonly consumed foo...more

Microplastics in Seafood and the Implications for Human Health

Madeleine Smith, David C. Love, Chelsea M. Rochman, Roni A. Neff

2018, Current Environmental Health Reports - Article

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: We describe evidence regarding human exposure to microplastics via seafood and discuss potential health effects. RECENT FINDINGS: Shellfish and other animals consumed whole pose par...more

Microplastics in commercial bivalves from China

Jiana Li, Dongqi Yang, Lan Li, Khalida Jabeen, Huahong Shi

2015, Environmental Pollution - Article

We investigated microplastic pollution in 9 commercial bivalves from a fishery market in China. Multiple types of microplastics, including fibers, fragments and pellets, occurred in the tissue of all ...more

Airborne microplastics: Consequences to human health?

Joana Correia Prata

2017, Environmental Pollution - Article

Microplastics have recently been detected in atmospheric fallout in Greater Paris. Due to their small size, they can be inhaled and may induce lesions in the respiratory system dependent on individual...more

Environmental exposure to microplastics: An overview on possible human health effects

Joana Correia Prata, João P da Costa, Isabel Lopes, Armando C Duarte, Teresa Rocha-Santos

2019, The Science of The Total Environment - Article

Microplastics are ubiquitous environmental contaminants leading to inevitable human exposure. Even so, little is known about the effects of microplastics in human health. Thus, in this work we review ...more

Wear and Tear of Tyres: A Stealthy Source of Microplastics in the Environment

Pieter Jan Kole, Ansje J. Löhr, Frank G. A. J. Van Belleghem, Ad M. J. Ragas

2017, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Article

Wear and tear from tyres significantly contributes to the flow of (micro-)plastics into the environment. This paper compiles the fragmented knowledge on tyre wear and tear characteristics, amounts of ...more

Microplastics in air: Are we breathing it in?

Johnny Gasperi, Stephanie L. Wright, Rachid Dris, France Collard, Corinne Mandin, Mohamed Guerrouache, Valérie Langlois, Frank J. Kelly, Bruno Tassin

2018, Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health - Article

The annual production of plastic textile fibers has increased by more than 6% per year, reaching 60 million metric tons, about 16% of world plastic production. The degradation of these fibers produce...more

Detection of Various Microplastics in Human Stool: A Prospective Case Series.

Philipp Schwabl, Sebastian Köppel, Philipp Königshofer, Theresa Bucsics, Michael Trauner, Thomas Reiberger, Bettina Liebmann

2019, ACP Journal Club - Article

Background: Microplastics are ubiquitous in natural environments. Ingestion of microplastics has been described in marine organisms, whereby particles may enter the food chain. Objective: To examine h...more

Low levels of microplastics (MP) in wild mussels indicate that MP ingestion by humans is minimal compared to exposure via household fibres fallout during a meal

Ana I. Catarino, Valeria Macchia, William G. Sanderson, Richard C. Thompson, Theodore B. Henry

2018, Environmental Pollution - Article

Microplastics (MPs) are the most numerous debris reported in marine environments and assessment of the amounts of MPs that accumulate in wild organisms is necessary for risk assessment. Our objective ...more

The presence of microplastics in commercial salts from different countries

Ali Karami, Abolfazl Golieskardi, Cheng Keong Choo, Vincent Larat, Tamara S. Galloway, Babak Salamatinia

2017, Scientific Reports - Article

The occurrence of microplastics (MPs) in saltwater bodies is relatively well studied, but nothing is known about their presence in most of the commercial salts that are widely consumed by humans acros...more

Micro(nano)plastics: A threat to human health?

Messika Revel, Amélie Chatel, Catherine Mouneyrac

2018, Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health - Article

The presence and effects of plastic debris is increasingly investigated. The majority of studies focuses on microplastics (MPs), but few reports suggest that plastic fragments in the <100 nm size ...more

Microplastics effects in Scrobicularia plana

Francisca Ribeiro, Ana R. Garcia, Beatriz P. Pereira, Maria Fonseca, Nélia C. Mestre, Tainá G. Fonseca, Laura M. Ilharco, Maria João Bebianno

2017, Marine Pollution Bulletin - Article

One of the most common plastics in the marine environment is polystyrene (PS) that can be broken down to micro sized particles. Marine organisms are vulnerable to the exposure to microplastics. This s...more


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