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Chinese Journal of Chemical Education

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Chinese Journal of Chemical Education


Journal Scope

Chinese Journal of Chemical Education (CJCE,semimonthly)is the official academic journal of Chinese Chemical Society (CCS),launched in 1980, supervised by China Association for Science and Technology(CAST), and sponsored by CCS and Beijing Normal University. CJCE publishes peer-reviewed articles and related information which are relevant to chemical education and may contribute to chemical education. CJCE focuses on both formal and informal chemicaleducation, and includes all levels from kindergarten to graduate education in chemistry. CJCE mainly addresses the increases and changes of chemistry knowledge, chemistry curriculum and textbook, teaching and learning of chemistry, chemistry teacher education,experiments for teaching, and chemical history. CJCE serves as a means of communication among people who are interested in the teaching and learning of chemistry.

Impact Factor

 The impact factor of CJCE was 1.559 according to Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors (2021). CJCE was continuous recognized as a core journal by A Guide to the Core Journals of China in 2008, 2011 , 2014, 2017 and 2020, and selected as a source journal of Chemical Abstracts (CA).

Manuscript Categories

  • Frontier in Chemistry,Chemistry and SocietyChemistry in Daily Life

  • Special Topics, Investigation on Courses and Teaching Materials, Teaching Research, Theory Teaching, Experiment Teaching

  • Teacher Education, Vocational Education,Postgraduate Education, Chemical Education for Non-chemistry Majors

  • Information Technology and Chemistry, Findings Report, Domestic and Overseas Information

  • Reform of College Entrance Examination, History of Chemistry and Chemical History Education, Discussion and Thinking of Questions, Chemistry Olympiad.


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