研究生期间的第一篇论文被IET Systems Biology接受

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研究生阶段的第一篇文章(Crosstalk between pathways enhances the controllability of signaling networks.pdf),近日被IET Systems Biology接受发表。感谢导师武汉大学邹秀芬教授在论文投稿和发表过程中的悉心指导,鼓励和帮助!

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Abstract: The control of complex networks is one of the most challenging problemsin the fields of biology and engineering. In this study, we explored thecontrollability and control energy of several signaling networks, whichconsisted of many interconnected pathways, including networks with a bow-tiearchitecture. Based on the theory of structure controllability, we revealedthat biological mechanisms, such as cross-pathway interactions,compartmentalization, etc., make the networks easier to fully control.Furthermore, using numerical simulations for two realistic examples, we demonstratedthat the control energy of normal networks with crosstalk is lower than innetworks without crosstalk. These results indicate that the biological networksare optimally designed to achieve their normal functions from the viewpoint ofthe control theory. Our work provides a comprehensive understanding of the impactof network structures and properties on controllability.

Keywords: Controllability, Signaling networks, Crosstalk, Control energy

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