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Frontiers of Physics in China入选SCI(E)期刊
2010-7-2 13:17
2010 年 6 月 29 日,美国科技信息研究所( ISI )期刊发展部 物理、化学与地学编辑部 的 Rodney Chonka 先生通过电子邮件通知 Frontiers of Physics in China 编辑部, Frontiers of Physics in China 期刊被 SCI(E)和Current Contents(Physical, C ...
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分享:Frontiers of Physics 2010, 5(3) (SCIE收录)
2010-6-24 12:32
Cover illustration Vol. 5, No. 3, 2010 In recent years, metamaterials has stimulated the interest of many researchers due to their many important applications, such as negative refraction, super-imaging and invisible cloak. According to the well known effective-medi ...
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分享:Frontiers of Physics 2010, 5(2) (SCIE收录)
2010-5-10 11:38
Cover illustration Vol. 5, No. 2, 2010 The Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory was the first one that consisted of two independent rings. It was designed to operate at high luminosity over a wide range of beam energies and with particle specie ...
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2010-4-2 08:50
2010 年德国莱比锡世界最美的书评选日前结束,由中国选送、我们高教社出版的《诗经》一书荣获 2010 年世界最美的书称号。 世界最美的书评选每年在德国莱比锡举办,它代表了当今世界图书装帧设计界的最高荣誉。评选 ...
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2010-3-18 15:33
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分享:Frontiers of Physics 2010,5(1) (SCIE收录)
2010-1-19 13:44
Cover illustration Volume 5, Number 1 Over the last decades, digital information processing progressed at an enormous speed. It already becomes an indispensable resource both in science and in society. However, for some computational problems, no efficient algorithms are known yet. ...
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2009-12-28 14:08
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2009-12-17 10:42
1986 年铜氧化物高温超导体的发现,对凝聚态物理提出了许多根本性而又极具挑战性的重要问题。铜氧化合物高温超导体的母体为反铁磁绝缘体, 随着载流子的引入,它逐渐演变为金属和超导体。研究发现, 在掺入少量载流子的欠掺杂区域,高温超导体表现出的一系列奇异的正常态(超导温度Tc以上)性质,明显偏离经典的金属理论--朗 ...
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Congratulations to Academician En-ge Wang (王恩哥院士)
2009-12-7 09:48
Congratulations to Academician En-ge Wang (王恩哥院士), the associate Editor-in-Chief of our journal, on his being appointed as the dean of Physics School of Peking University According to the news from the official website of Peking University, on No ...
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