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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第3期
2013-6-7 12:15
Cover: Dark solitons are localized defects in defocusing systems, and manifest themselves in repulsive Bose–Einstein condensate as a notch in the condensate density and a phase jump across the center. Ring dark solitons are candidates for observing long-time behaviors of 2D dark solitons, an ...
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Frontiers of Physics launches on​line peer-review system
2013-4-1 12:33
“Frontiers of Physics” launches online peer review system Online peer review system: Our journal “Frontiers of Physics”, recently adopted ScholarOne Manuscripts to manage its submissions and peer reviewprocess. The com ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第2期
2013-3-29 10:44
Cover: Simulation of turbulent thermonuclear combustion in a Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf (density shown in blue): The subsonic deflagration flame (temperature shown in red/yellow/white) was initiated at the center of the star in a large number of ignition sparks. Due to buoyancy i ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第1期
2013-3-8 10:50
Frontiers of Physics 2013年第1期
Cover: The electric transport properties of low-dimensional systems have attracted tremendous interests due to their applications in microelectronics and novel nanodevices. Ultra-thin metal films on semiconductor substrates have been a playground for the study of electronic transp ...
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Happy New Year
2012-12-29 10:28
Happy New Year
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2012-12-26 10:35
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第6期
2012-12-7 14:29
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第6期
Cover: Laser-induced plasma and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS): fast spectroscopic images showing the expansion of a plasma induced by a ns-laser pulse on an aluminum target in an argon ambient gas (left) and surface elemental maps of a marble (middle Sr and right M ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第5期
2012-9-18 14:29
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第5期
Cover: Intensive investigations have been devoted to synthesizing and characterizing silver nanoparticles in recent years because of their rich optical properties raised by the surface plasmon resonances in the visible spectral range. Branched silver nanostructures have at ...
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Frontiers of Physics (IF 2011 =0.901) Editors-in-Chief Kuang-Ta Chao (PKU) En-Ge Wang (PKU) Executive Editor-in-Chief Ding-Ping Li (PKU) Online-first publishing; Free of ...
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