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热度 1 2014-7-17 14:20
网址: 新主页增加了一些功能,比如 Export: BibTeX | EndNote | Reference Manager | ProCite | RefWorks Frontiers 系列刊的主页也同时更新上线,网址: ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2014年第3期
热度 1 2014-3-11 15:11
Cover Silicon is anattractive material for anodes in next-generation Li batteries, because itpossesses ten times the theoretical capacity of the state-of-the-artcarbonaceous counterpart. The cover illustrates the five generations ofnanostructured Si anodes developed in Yi Cui’s labo ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2014年第2期
2014-3-11 15:02
Cover Theamplitudes of different pairing gap components induced by J 1 , J 2 with J 2 '=0 at electrondoping =0.51. s NNN is the s wave resulting from NNN AFM coupling, s x 2+ y 2 and d x 2- y 2 from NN AFM coupling. Thepairing strength of s NNN is peaked around th ...
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2013-12-31 10:18
响应号召,节能减排,请您点击: 祝大家新年快乐、马到成功! flash: hk001.swf
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Frontiers of Physics 2014年第1期
2013-12-16 12:31
Cover: High vacuum tipenhanced Raman spectroscopy (HV-TERS), one of the most recent advances in nanoscale analysis, is a high sensitivity and high spatial resolution optical analytical technique. It was found that in-situ plasmon driven chemical reaction can be investigated by HV-TERS. T ...
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热度 2 2013-11-22 09:58
近日,我刊Frontiers of Physics入选 “ 中国科技期刊国际影响力提升计划 ” 项目 B 类资助。 该计划由中国科协联合财政部、教育部、国家新闻出版广电总局、中国科学院、中国工程院等部门组织实施,旨在贯彻落实中央书记处关于 “ 围绕提高自主创新能力,建设创新型国家,开展大联合、大协作,通过搭建不同形式、 ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第6期
2013-11-22 08:45
Cover High-energy astrophysics is one of the most active branches in the contemporary astrophysics. It studies astrophysical objects that emit X-ray and γ-ray photons, such as accreting super-massive and stellar-size black holes, and various species of neutron stars. With the operations ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第5期
2013-9-27 11:09
Cover: The current issue is dedicated to celebrating Centennial Physics at Peking University. The cover picture in the background shows t he Western Gate of PekingUniversity, and four small images are taken from four papers in the current issuerespectively. For more detailed informa ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第4期
热度 1 2013-8-5 12:16
Cover: China Jinping underground Laboratory (CJPL) is thedeepest underground laboratory in the world. It is located in the centralportion of one of the transport tunnels of a giant hydrodynamic engineeringproject at the huge Jinping Mountain area of Sichuan Province, southwest ofChina. ...
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热度 1 2013-6-20 11:13
我刊最新引证指标出炉如下,影响因子较往年(0.9)稍有提升。由于期刊曾由Frontiers of Physics in China(Web of Science中简称Front. Phys. China)更名为Frontiers of Physics(简称Front. Phys.-Beijing),故今年有俩数据。 Abbreviated Journal Title (linked to journal information) I ...
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