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热度 1 2015-7-24 13:31
From 研究人员预言 量子波包的反引力 1666 年,历史上最著名的那个苹果正好砸中牛顿的脑门,启发了牛顿的灵感,悟出了万有引力定律,从而统一描述了地球上的引力现象和月亮围绕地球转动这样的天体运动规律。整整 250 年 ...
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"Frontiers of Physics" got a new impact factor of 2.086
热度 2 2015-6-19 11:15
Frontiers of Physics got a new impact factor of 2.086 Frontiers of Physics just got a new impact factor of 2.086. We greatly appreciate all authors' contribution and allreferees' efforts to carefully review the papers. Frontiers of Physics, an intern ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2015年第3期
2015-6-1 14:27
Cover MXene is a new family of 2D transition metal carbides, nitrides and carbonitrides, exfoliated from layered MAX phases, where M, A, and Xrepresent early d transition metals,main-group sp elements, and C or/and N, respectively. MXene is generally prepared by selectivel ...
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Happy New Year
2015-2-11 12:49
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Frontiers of Physics 2015年第2期
2015-2-11 10:01
Cover: Bismuth-based skutterudite is a new topological insulator, in which thebands involved in the topological band-inversion process are d- and p-orbitals, which is distinctive with usual topological insulators, for instance in Bi 2 Se 3 and BiTeI the bands involved in the topological ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2015年第1期
2015-1-22 16:34
Cover The quasiparticle scattering interference phenomenon characterized bythe peaks in the local density of states is studied within the renormalizedmean field theory based on the Hubbard model. It is shown that thequasiparticle scattering interference pattern in the presence of singlepo ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2014年第6期
2014-12-5 11:14
Cover: Along-standing debate in transport modeling of nano junctions has eventually come to the end. The cover illustrates a recently confirmed atomic model of the famous Au-1,4-Benzenedithiol (BDT)-Au molecular junction where the H atom of the thiol group remains attached aft ...
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热度 1 2014-9-28 14:44
汤森路透集团 2014诺贝尔奖预测名单 中的斯坦福大学张首晟教授曾为我刊主编专题 “拓扑材料进展 ”,加州伯克利的杨培东教授曾为我刊撰写特约综述“ Semiconductor nanowires for photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical energy conversion ” 。 全文可以从此处下载: Advances in Topol ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2014年第5期
2014-9-28 09:10
Cover : A well-controlled single atom provides an idea quantum qubit and quantum node for quantum information processing. The cover illustrates the setup of trapping single Cesium atoms in a micro-size 1064 nm red-detuned optical tweezer and the corresponding state manipulatio ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2014年第4期
2014-9-3 11:41
Cover A Peltier nanocooling device is proposed based on the self-doping properties of curved graphenenanoribbons, without need of gating or chemical doping. Its cooling power canbe reversibly tuned by applying uniaxial pressure to the device. Upon application of a current thro ...
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