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2016-12-16 16:29
Corresponding Authors(s) Title Vol.(No.) Cited Times Note Long, Gui-lu Quantum secure direct communication and deterministic secure quantum communication 2007,2(3) 153 W. Hillebrandt Towards an understandin ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2016年第4期
2016-8-12 13:49
Cover The concept of open quantum system is of fundamentalimportance to many fields of modern physics. In particular, the energydissipation and particle exchange between the system of primary interest andsurrounding environment are the keys to many fascinating quantum phenomena. I ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2016年第3期
2016-7-1 16:28
Cover Inrecentyears,spin-orbitcoupledultracoldatomicgaseshavebecomeamajorfocusofresearch.Bydressingatomswithsuitablytailoredlaserlight,&nbs ...
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Frontiers of Physics 最新影响因子2.462
热度 1 2016-6-14 10:58
Frontiers of Physics 最新影响因子2.462。 谢谢主编和编委的辛苦付出,谢谢所有作者、审稿专家和读者的帮助和支持! 免费下载全文 投稿
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Frontiers of Physics 2016年第2期
2016-4-26 15:43
Cover Noble metallicnanostructures exhibit special optical properties resulting from the excitationof surface plasmons. Among the various metallic nanostructures, nanorods haveattracted particular attention because of their shape-dependent and highlytunable plasmonic prope ...
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Frontiers of Physics:引力波探测与引力波天文学
热度 1 2016-2-23 15:39
发一个自己刊的,跟跟形势: Frontiers of Physics 编辑曾邀请 University of Nevada / Peking University 的张冰教授和 Pennsylvania State University 的 Peter Mészáros教授组织了 专题“ High Energy Astrophysics ”,其中包括 Gabriela González, Andrea Viceré Linqing Wen 撰写的特约综 ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2016年第1期
2016-1-21 15:15
Cover The special topic on Potential Physics at a Super τ-Charm Factory provides detailed discussions on important topics in τ-charm physics that will be explored in the future at a possible super-tau-charm factory, which will operate in the 2 GeV to 7.0 GeV energy range. Both ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2015年第6期
2015-12-24 09:43
Cover The spin-orbit coupling is a well-known mechanism from astronomical systems to finite nuclei, and the Spin Hall Effectis a general transport phenomenon for particles with spin. The nucleon spin dynamics in intermediate-energy heavy-ion collisions has been investigated to extract de ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2015年第5期
2015-10-23 17:44
Cover As an important topic in condensed matter physics, strongly correlated system has attracted researchers close attentions for couple of decades. Especially, the investigation on the quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated systems is one of the most important topics for the ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2015年第4期
2015-8-21 15:44
Cover Gravity is the most mysterious force. By assuming a thermodynamic originfor gravity, we can calculate the vacuum temperature field that is created bythe presence of matter. The attractive gravitational force between classicalobjects results naturally as macroscopic systems ...
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