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frontiers of physics, 2018(2)
2018-6-11 15:10
Cover The search for and study of exotic quantum states in novel low-dimensional quantum materials havetriggered extensive research in recent years. In our recent paper, we proposed that the realization of ferromagnetism in the newly discovered two-dimensional quantum material C 3 N ...
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frontiers of physics, 2018(1)
2018-6-11 15:04
Cover The special topic edited by F. Mallamace, R. Car Limei Xu reports eleven contributions jointly written by lecturers and students attending the 2016 “Ettore Majorana” Erice International School on Water and Water Systems. These papers focus on the study of water and its so ...
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frontiers of physics, 2017(6)
2018-6-11 14:51
Cover As a universal concept in nonlinear science, synchronization has been broadly interested and extensively studied over the past decades. Whereas numerical and theoretical studies have unveiled abundant synchronization phenomena in coupled oscillators, few of them have been repl ...
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frontiers of physics, 2017(4)
2017-6-29 15:47
Cover Graphene based all-carbon nano-junction is structurally stable and mechanically flexible. It has been extensively recognized as a good candidate of nanoscale electronic andspin-electronic device. Jian-Wei Li et al. investigated the electronicand thermal electronic transport prope ...
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frontiers of physics, 2017(3)
2017-6-5 16:10
Cover The physics of huge magnetoresistance in WTe 2 requires fullanalysis of multiple elecctronic components. Xing-Chen Pan et al . combined magnetotransport and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy to study the electronic structures of WTe 2 . By analyzing the magnetoresista ...
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frontiers of physics, 2017(2)
2017-4-1 13:24
Cover In this article a general review of the status of dark matter is given, including the observational evidence, possible candidates, various searches of dark matter, etc. To assist readers from the particle physics community, several topics in cosmology which are relevant to the ...
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frontiers of physics 2017(1)
2017-1-23 16:08
Cover Quantum computing has undergone rapid development in recent years. Owingto limitations on scalability, personal quantum computers still seem slightlyunrealistic in the near future. The first practical quantum computer forordinary users is likely to be on the cloud similar to IB ...
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frontiers of physics 2016(6)
2017-1-23 15:44
Cover Ultra-strong shock waves are of fundamental interest to astrophysics,inertial confinement fusion and compressible turbulences. A number of physicalor chemical transitions, such as phase transitions, reactions, dissociation andionization, are intrigued in a small region at the vicin ...
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frontiers of physics 2016(5)
2017-1-23 15:17
Gravitational form factors and nucleon spin structure Collection O. V. Teryaev Front. Phys. 2016, 11 ( 5 ): 111207 . DOI: 10.1007/s11467-016-0573-6 Abstract PDF (196KB) Light dark sector searches at lo ...
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