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Frontiers of Physics launches on​line peer-review system

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“Frontiers of Physics” launches online peer review system

Online peer review system:

Our journal “Frontiers of Physics”, recently adopted ScholarOne Manuscripts to manage its submissions and peer reviewprocess.  The comprehensive online platform will help further promote academic exchange by streamlining the editorial and publication process: authors enjoy ease of submission and abilityto track manuscript review status while editors can manage review tasks in adynamic, fully-integrated interface that enables the most informeddecision-making.

ThomsonReuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, with a range of scientific services that includes the Web of Science (SCI). The company offers powerful solutions throughout the entire research lifecycle, from search and discovery to publication and analysis.

Offering the most innovative work flow solutions, from submission and peer review to editorial evaluation, ScholarOneManuscripts (formerly known as ManuscriptCentral) remains the industry’s leading solution for scholarly publication.  Publishers around the worldare fully leveraging international research networks by engaging ScholarOne Manuscripts’ robust features and global scope:

  • An end-to-end solution used by over 365 societies and publishers, more than 3,400 books and journals, and 13 million users

  • A fully customizable solution, including features like plagiarism detection and Cognos Reporting

  • Simplified Chinese Interface with the ability to capture data and files in multiple languages

  • Ability to check manuscript status any time, from any location with internet access

  • A qualified team of implementation, training and support experts

ScholarOneManuscripts for “Frontiers of Physics”has been launched.

To submit your outstanding research results more quickly, please visit:

Frontiers of Physics在线投审稿系统上线

Frontiers of Physics在线投审稿系统:

为进一步促进物理学研究的学术交流,让作者更方便地投稿和跟踪审稿进度,让编委和审稿人更轻松管理审稿任务和决策,我刊采用汤森路透ScholarOne Manuscripts在线投审稿平台。

汤森路透是全球领先的专业信息和在线工作流平台提供商,是科学引文索引(SCI)的出版者。汤森路透ScholarOne Manuscripts是世界领先的在线投审稿系统,特点包括:


流畅规范的审稿流程管理和Web of Science智能信息支持,提高审稿速度和质量。




Frontiersof Physics基于ScholarOne Manuscripts 的投审稿平台现已正式开通:

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