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Volume 5, Number 4
The ability to move individual atoms with the tip of a scanning microscope is a powerful first step towards building complex molecular machines at the atomic scale. For practical applications of such molecular machinery, it must be possible to construct it easily and at low cost, on a large-scale. The key satisfying these requirements is to find molecular systems that assemble themselves into the desired shapes and functions on tailor-made surfaces. Prof. Hong-jun GAO and his colleagues form the Institute of Physics of CAS demonstrate that single molecular rotors can be constructed by evaporating tetra-tert-butyl zinc phthalocyanine molecules on an Au(111) surface. The molecules adsorb by attaching to a single gold adatom off-center. Furthermore, these single molecular rotors self-assemble into large scale ordered arrays on Au(111) surfaces. A fixed rotation axis off center is an important step towards the eventual fabrication of molecular motors or generators. More details could be found in the article “Understanding formation of molecular rotor array on Au(111) surface” by Shi-xuan DU (杜世萱) et al., pp 380386 [Photo credits: Shi-xuan DU (杜世萱), Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences].
Fundamental Aspects of Nanostructures and Nanodevices
Edited by: Hong-jun GAO, Werner A. HOFER, En-ge WANG
Hong-jun GAO, Werner A. HOFER, En-ge WANG
Karl-Heinz ERNST
Hong-wang ZHANG (张洪旺), Yi LIU (刘毅), Shou-heng SUN (孙守恒)
Qin LIU (刘琴), Ke-dong WANG (王克东), Xu-dong XIAO (肖旭东)
Haiping LIN (林海平), Janosh M. C. RAUBA, Kristian S. THYGESEN,
Karsten W. JACOBSEN, Michelle Y. SIMMONS, Werner A. HOFER
Shi-xuan DU (杜世萱), Ye-liang WANG (王业亮), Qi LIU (刘奇),
Hai-gang ZHANG (
张海刚), Hai-ming GUO (郭海明), Hong-jun GAO (高鸿钧)
Hai-feng MA (马海峰), Mario THOMANN, Jeanette SCHMIDLIN, Silvan ROTH,
Li-feng YIN, Jian SHEN
Min GAO (高旻), Cheng-yao LI (李成垚), Wen-liang LI (李文亮),
Xiao-xian ZHANG (
张小娴), Lian-mao PENG (彭练矛)
Ru HUANG (黄如), Run-sheng WANG (王润声)


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