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分享:Frontiers of Physics 2010, 5(3) (SCIE收录)

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Vol. 5, No. 3, 2010

In recent years, metamaterials has stimulated the interest of many researchers due to their many important applications, such as negative refraction, super-imaging and invisible cloak. According to the well known effective-media model, the coupling interactions between the elements in metamaterials are somewhat ignored; therefore, the effective properties of metamaterials can be viewed as the “averaged effect” of the resonance property of the individual elements. However, the coupling interaction between elements should always exist when they are arranged into metamaterials. Sometimes, especially when the elements are very close, this coupling effect is not negligible and will have a substantial effect on the metamaterials’ properties. The cover picture shows a particularly interesting and typical coupled metamaterials, whose unit cell is composed of two identical split-ring resonators. The inductive interaction between these two magnetic “atoms” introduces the split the resonance, which strongly depends on the separation distance between the resonators. More details could be found in the article "Hybridization effect in coupled metamaterials" by Hui LIU(刘辉), Tao LI(李涛), Shu-ming WANG(王漱明) and Shi-ning ZHU(祝世宁), pp 277-290. [Photo credits: Tao LI(李涛) and Hui LIU(刘辉), Nanjing University, China]


         Recent Advances in Artificial Wave Functional Materials: Photonic Crystals, Metamaterials and Plasmonics

       Guest Editors: Xiang ZHANG (张翔) and Shi-ning ZHU (祝世宁)      

 Xiang ZHANG (张翔), Shi-ning ZHU (祝世宁)                                        
  Ye LIU (刘晔), Fei QIN (秦飞), Fei ZHOU (周飞), Qing-bo MENG (孟庆波),
  Dao-zhong ZHANG (
张道中), Zhi-yuan LI (李志远)
 Jing-feng LIU (刘景锋), Xue-hua WANG (王雪华)
 Jing WANG (王静), Min YAN (严敏), Min QIU (仇旻)
 Tian-rui ZHAI (翟天瑞), Da-he LIU (刘大禾), Xiang-dong ZHANG (张向东)
 Hui LIU (刘辉), Tao LI (李涛), Shu-ming WANG (王漱明), Shi-ning ZHU (祝世宁)
 Jia-ming HAO (郝加明), Min QIU (仇旻), Lei ZHOU (周磊)
         Yun LAI (赖耘), Jack NG (吴紫辉), Huan-yang CHEN (陈焕阳),
         Zhao-Qing ZHANG (
张昭庆), C. T. CHAN (陈子亭)
         Di BAO (鲍迪), Efthymios KALLOS, Wen-xuan TANG (汤文轩),
         Christos ARGYROPOULOS, Yang HAO (
郝阳), Tie-jun CUI (崔铁军)
          Pratik CHATURVEDI, Nicholas X. FANG
          Rebeca MARCILLA, Jose Adolfo POMPOSO, David MECERREYES
          Xin-hua PENG (彭新华), Dieter SUTER
封三实验室介绍固态微结构国家实验室(National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures of Nanjing University, Nanjing, China)



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