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CN 11-5725/O4
ISSN 1673-3606 (print)
ISSN 1673-3487 (electronic)
Indexed by ADS, Scopus, INSPEC and CSCD
Frontiers of Physics in China, is a refereed international journal jointly published in English by Higher Education Press of China and Springer.
The journal aims to reflect the latest progress and cross-points and to highlight frontier achievements and hot topics in a variety of research fields of physics.
We are committed to moving physics forward and to providing the up-to-date progress, first-hand results and the best services for your enjoyment of the distinctive charm of physics.
Our Mission
We are dedicated to report the latest and significant progress in physics and to promote the communication and exchange of ideas among Chinese and overseas physicists.
Our Vision
We hope to foster and shape our journal as a top-tier journal with strong influence to the international physics community.
Our Value
We are committed to the principle of academic freedom and three core values: justice, objectivity and novelty.     
The journal publishes review articles and original research articles in nearly all main branches of physics, including these core areas:
·quantum mechanics and quantum information;
·elementary particles and fields, gravitation, cosmology, and astrophysics;
·nuclear physics;
·atomic, molecular, and optical physics;
·statistical and nonlinear physics, plasma physics and accelerator physics;
·condensed matter physics, nanostructures and functional materials; and last not least
          ·soft matter, biological physics, and interdisciplinary physics.

Call for Papers
No charges for reviewing, color-figures and publishing
No rigid restriction for the length of artcles
Quick online-first publishing
We appreciate for your contributions to Frontiers of Physics in China. Review articles and original research articlesfrom physicists all around  the world are warmly welcomed.
Article type:
·  Review article (comprehensive overview of latest topics of high interest)
·  Original research article (primary research on current hot topics in short or longer format)
Six topics:
·  Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
·  Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
·  Nuclear Physics
·  Particles, Fields, Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics
·  Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, Plasma Physics, and Fluid Dynamics
·  Soft Matter, Biological Physics, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Besides your article …
We set up a special column “WHAT WE FOCUS ON…” on the third cover page of the hard-copy of the journal to introduce a key laboratory (national or of the Ministry of Education) in each issue. For this purpose, you are encouraged to incorporate a front-cover image along with a brief description and/or a recommended laboratory in the cover letter of your submission.
More publishing info:
Submission Information
You are cordially invited to contributeyour articlesto us through e-mail:, or the web site:
For submission details or to request sample copies please visit the web site or contact the managing editor:
Hong-guang DONG (董洪光)
Academic Journal Publishing Division (自然科学学术期刊分社)
Higher Education Press (高等教育出版社)
No. 4 Huixin East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
Tel: +86-10-58556299 (O), +86-13911605631
Please download the introductory brochure through:

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