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The special topic edited by F. Mallamace, R. Car & Limei Xu reports eleven contributions jointly written by lecturers and students attending the 2016 “Ettore Majorana” Erice International School on Water and Water Systems. These papers focus on the study of water and its solutions from a molecular perspective, water being a complex system at the intersection of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Materials Science. On these bases it requires sophisticated experimental techniques and advanced statistical physics methods. The proposed special topic is organized to provide a broad field overview, including the recent ideas, as far as critical discussions, of the challenging problems proposed by the water physics that are currently attracting the researchers’ attention. [Photoed in Jiuzhaigou National Park. Photo credits: Zhong-Jie Deng & Hui-Jing Huang]


Traversable braneworld wormholes supported by astrophysical observations

Deng Wang, Xin-He Wang

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 139801 . Abstract PDF (2451KB)

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Dynamical properties of water in living cells 

Irina Piazza, Antonio Cupane, Emmanuel L. Barbier, Claire Rome, Nora Collomb, Jacques Ollivier, Miguel A. Gonzalez, Author_FootNote:Francesca Natali

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138302 . Abstract PDF (735KB)

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Dynamical properties of water in living cells  Collection

Irina Piazza, Antonio Cupane, Emmanuel L. Barbier, Claire Rome, Nora Collomb, Jacques Ollivier, Miguel A. Gonzalez, Francesca Natali

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138301 . Abstract PDF (4828KB)

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Dynamics of supercooled confined water measured by deep inelastic neutron scattering  Collection

Vincenzo De Michele, Giovanni Romanelli, Antonio Cupane

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138205 . Abstract PDF (1407KB)

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Signature of the hydrogen-bonded environment of liquid water in X-ray emission spectra from first-principles calculations  Collection

Huaze Shen, Mohan Chen, Zhaoru Sun, Limei Xu, Enge Wang, Xifan Wu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138204 . Abstract PDF (3016KB)

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High-temperature dynamic behavior in bulk liquid water: A molecular dynamics simulation study using the OPC and TIP4P-Ew potentials Collection

Andrea Gabrieli, Marco Sant, Saeed Izadi, Parviz Seifpanahi Shabane, Alexey V. Onufriev, Giuseppe B. Suffritti

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138203 . Abstract PDF (802KB)

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NMR investigation of degradation processes of ancient and modern paper at different hydration levels  Collection

Domenico Mallamace, Sebastiano Vasi, Mauro Missori, Francesco Mallamace, Carmelo Corsaro

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138202 . Abstract PDF (2450KB)

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Contrasting microscopic interactions determine the properties of water/methanol solutions  Collection

Carmelo Corsaro, Francesco Mallamace, Sebastiano Vasi, Sow-Hsin Chen, H. Eugene Stanley, Domenico Mallamace

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 138201 . Abstract PDF (979KB)

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Transport evidence of 3D topological nodal-line semimetal phase in ZrSiS 

Junran Zhang, Ming Gao, Jinglei Zhang, Xuefeng Wang, Xiaoqian Zhang, Minhao Zhang, Wei Niu, Rong Zhang, Yongbing Xu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 137201 . Abstract PDF (9047KB)

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Structural properties of water confined by phospholipid membranes Collection

Fausto Martelli, Hsin-Yu Ko, Carles Calero Borallo, Giancarlo Franzese

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 136801 . Abstract PDF (1416KB)

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Topological superradiant state in Fermi gases with cavity induced spin–orbit coupling 

Dongyang Yu, Jian-Song Pan, Xiong-Jun Liu, Wei Zhang, Wei Yi

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 136701 . Abstract PDF (543KB)

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PEG-PLGA electrospun nanofibrous membranes loaded with Au@Fe2O3 nanoparticles for drug delivery applications  Collection

Salvatore Spadaro, Marco Santoro, Francesco Barreca, Angela Scala, Simona Grimato, Fortunato Neri, Enza Fazio

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 136201 . Abstract PDF (21042KB)

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Fragile to strong crossover and Widom line in supercooled water: A comparative study  Collection

Margherita De Marzio, Gaia Camisasca, Mauro Rovere, Paola Gallo

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 136103 . Abstract PDF (444KB)

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Core-softened potentials, multiple liquid–liquid critical points, and density anomaly regions: An exact solution  Collection

Eduardo O. Rizzatti, Marco Aurélio A. Barbosa, Marcia C. Barbosa

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 136102 . Abstract PDF (586KB)

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Hydrogen mean force and anharmonicity in polycrystalline and amorphous ice Collection

A. Parmentier, C. Andreani, G. Romanelli, J. J. Shephard, C. G. Salzmann, R. Senesi

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 136101 . Abstract PDF (2654KB)

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Evolution of finite energy Airy beams in cubic-quintic atomic vapor system 

Zhen-Kun Wu, Hao Guo, Wei Wang, Yu-Zong Gu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 134201 . Abstract PDF (22526KB)

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Two-dimensional matter-wave solitons and vortices in competing cubic-quintic nonlinear lattices 

Xuzhen Gao, Jianhua Zeng

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130501 . Abstract PDF (839KB)

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Multipartite quantum correlations among atoms in QED cavities 

J. Batle, A. Farouk, O. Tarawneh, S. Abdalla

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130305 . Abstract PDF (2351KB)

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Uncertainty relations for quantum coherence with respect to mutually unbiased bases 

Alexey E. Rastegin

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130304 . Abstract PDF (149KB)

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Cavity control as a new quantum algorithms implementation treatment 

M. AbuGhanem, A. H. Homid, M. Abdel-Aty

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130303 . Abstract PDF (8110KB)

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Clock frequency estimation under spontaneous emission 

Xi-Zhou Qin (秦锡洲), Jia-Hao Huang (黄嘉豪), Hong-Hua Zhong (钟宏华), Chaohong Lee (李朝红)

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130302 . Abstract PDF (1449KB)

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Hidden antiunitary symmetry behind “accidental” degeneracy and its protection of degeneracy 

Jing-Min Hou, Wei Chen

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130301 . Abstract PDF (106KB)

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Mean-field approximations of fixation time distributions of evolutionary game dynamics on graphs 

Li-Min Ying, Jie Zhou, Ming Tang, Shu-Guang Guan, Yong Zou

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (1): 130201 . Abstract PDF (1280KB)

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