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As a universal concept in nonlinear science, synchronization has been broadly interested and extensively studied over the past decades. Whereas numerical and theoretical studies have unveiled abundant synchronization phenomena in coupled oscillators, few of them have been replicated in experiments, due to the sensitivity the synchronization dynamics to the noise perturbations and parameter mismatches. In the work by Jing Zhang, et al., the authors designed a new experimental setup to explore the synchronization patterns in asymmetrically coupled metronomes. By varying the initial conditions and coupling parameter, different synchronous patterns are generated and identified based on the audio signals. In particular, a new type of synchronous pattern, namely the in-phase delay synchronization state (IPDS), is reported for the first time, which is rooted in the breaking of the system symmetry. By a theoretical model, the authors also conducted a detailed analysis on the basin and transition properties of the patterns, which, together with the experimental findings, give a complete picture on the synchronization behaviors in coupled metronomes. For more details, please refer to the article “Synchronization of coupled metronomes on two layers” by Jing ZhangYi-Zhen Yu, and Xin-Gang Wang, Front. Phys. 12(6), 120508 (2017). [Photo credits: Xin-Gang Wang, Shaanxi Normal University]


Recent progress in econophysics: Chaos, leverage, and business cycles as revealed by agent-based modeling and human experiments 

Chen Xin, Ji-Ping Huang

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 128910 . Abstract PDF (7132KB)

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Joint multifractal analysis based on wavelet leaders  Collection

Zhi-Qiang Jiang,Yan-Hong Yang,Gang-Jin Wang,Wei-Xing Zhou

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 128907 . Abstract PDF (3059KB)

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New approaches in agent-based modeling of complex financial systems Collection

Ting-Ting Chen,Bo Zheng,Yan Li,Xiong-Fei Jiang

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 128905 . Abstract PDF (638KB)

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Modularity-like objective function in annotated networks  Collection

Jia-Rong Xie,Bing-Hong Wang

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 128903 . Abstract PDF (2052KB)


Morphological transformations of diblock copolymers in binary solvents: A simulation study  Collection

Zheng Wang, Yuhua Yin, Run Jiang, Baohui Li

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 128201 . Abstract PDF (23309KB)

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Renormalization group theory for temperature-driven first-order phase transitions in scalar models 

Ning Liang, Fan Zhong

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 126403 . Abstract PDF (437KB)

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Constructing backbone network by using tinker algorithm  Collection

Zhiwei He,Meng Zhan,Jianxiong Wang,Chenggui Yao

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120701 . Abstract PDF (797KB)

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Synchronization of coupled metronomes on two layers  Collection

Jing Zhang,Yi-Zhen Yu,Xin-Gang Wang

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120508 . Abstract PDF (4727KB)

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Double-temperature ratchet model and current reversal of coupled Brownian motors 

Chen-Pu Li,Hong-Bin Chen,Zhi-Gang Zheng

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120507 . Abstract PDF (1053KB)

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Resonant current in coupled inertial Brownian particles with delayed-feedback control  Collection

Tian-Fu Gao, Zhi-Gang Zheng, Jin-Can Chen

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120506 . Abstract PDF (2150KB)

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Detectable states, cycle fluxes, and motility scaling of molecular motor kinesin: An integrative kinetic graph theory analysis  Collection

Jie Ren

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120505 . Abstract PDF (3049KB)

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Order parameter analysis of synchronization transitions on star networks Collection

Hong-Bin Chen, Yu-Ting Sun, Jian Gao, Can Xu, Zhi-Gang Zheng

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120504 . Abstract PDF (1988KB)

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SDE decomposition and A-type stochastic interpretation in nonequilibrium processes  Collection

Ruoshi Yuan, Ying Tang, Ping Ao

Front. Phys. . 2017, 12 (6): 120201 . Abstract PDF (16083KB)

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