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Review: 碳结构的设计艺术
2018-8-14 17:01
碳结构的设计艺术 碳元素在自然界中存着数量众多的同素异形体 ,超级坚硬的金刚石和极其柔软的石墨稀是其中最常见的两种同素异形体 。特别是在石墨稀研究的推动下 ,科研人员预测并合成了大量的碳元素新的同素异形体。 上海大学张润森、江进武在最新的综述文章 中对比分析了 ...
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Research: 基于线性光学的多光子极化-空间-时间通用超纠缠浓缩
2018-8-10 10:38
基于线性光学的多光子极化 - 空间 - 时间通用超纠缠浓缩 超纠缠是量子系统的多个自由度同时存在纠缠的现象 。在量子通信过程中引入超纠缠能够提高通信的信道容量并节约资源,例如超纠缠量子隐形传态、超纠缠交换和超纠缠态分析 等。在实际的量子通信过程中,由于存在信道和存储环境噪声,局域制 ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2013年第6期
2013-11-22 08:45
Cover High-energy astrophysics is one of the most active branches in the contemporary astrophysics. It studies astrophysical objects that emit X-ray and γ-ray photons, such as accreting super-massive and stellar-size black holes, and various species of neutron stars. With the operations ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第5期
2012-9-18 14:29
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第5期
Cover: Intensive investigations have been devoted to synthesizing and characterizing silver nanoparticles in recent years because of their rich optical properties raised by the surface plasmon resonances in the visible spectral range. Branched silver nanostructures have at ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第4期
2012-7-25 15:24
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第4期 Cover: Multiferroelectric tunnel junctions (MFTJs), consisting of two ferromagnetic (FM)electrodes separated by a nanoscale ferroelectric (FE) barrier, exploiting the capabilityto control FM and FE orders via external electri ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第3期
2012-4-28 14:17
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第3期 Cover: The recent research on semiconductor quantum dots follows naturally the evolution of semiconductor technology from transistors based on bulk silicon and lasers based on bulk gallium arsenide to ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第2期
热度 1 2012-3-6 15:58
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第2期 Cover: Linearly dispersive surface state of topological insulator Bi 2 Te 3 measured by angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, forming a single Dirac fermion. The crystal structure of Bi 2 Te 3 is illustrated be ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第1期
2012-1-5 14:02
Frontiers of Physics 2012年第1期
Frontiers of Physics, 2012, Vol. 7, No. 1 Cover: Therobust quantum coherence andhigh controllabilityofBose condensedatoms have led to many exciting advances in the field of quantum interfero ...
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Frontiers of Physics 2011年第4期
2012-1-5 13:44
Frontiers of Physics 2011年第4期
Frontiers of Physics, 2011, Vol. 6, No. 4 Cover: Fermi surface of (Tl, Rb) x Fe 2- y Se 2 superconductor as revealed by high resolution angle-resolved photoemiss ...
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2011-11-22 11:36
国内物理学期刊 arXiv 自存档论文的引用优势研究 —— 以 Frontiers of Physics 期刊为例 王欣  董洪光 高等教育出版社自然科学学术出版事业部 北京 100029 【摘要】对 2008 - 2011 年发表于 Frontiers of Physics 期刊上的 161 篇论文进行数据 ...
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