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Today I spent mosttime on designing and testing the experimental program on the effect of stresson memory consolidation. This is sort of a new field for me and there are someissues that I need to ask Andrew or Matt tomorrow after the lab meeting. Onechallenge is that I also have to translate the instructions into English, whichis indeed labor. Then  I cook at about15:00 and then take a rest until 18:30, when I walk out for exercise. I intendedto jog, but I soon felt uncomfortable and so I quit it and chose to walk for awhile on the county road, where  with amood beyond the description of any language a myriad of random thoughts likethousands of thousands  of bullets

invade my brain.



what is life?

what is the meaning of it?

what is death?

why do we fear it?

what is freedom?

why do we feel restricted?

what is love?

what is the way to get it?

what is friendship?

why is it so hard to attain it?

what is normal?

what is weird?

what is sadness?

what is happiness?

what is happiness for?

why do we do what we do?

what do we fail to know

what we are supposed to?

what do we live for?

why do we live?

what is maturity?

what is childish?

what is masculinity?

what is a man?

why do we marry?

why do we cry?

why do we laugh?

why do we hate?

why do we love?

why do we hate what we shouldlove?

why do we love what we shouldhate?

why cannot we be neutral?

why do we escape?

and most important

who is going to answer these?

who is going to define?



Getting back, Icontinued to work on testing the experiments. I had dinner about 22:00, and,unlike the past days, I took a bath earlier than usual and got myself at about24:00 into bed, where I read the book I bought at San Francisco Airport onMarch 1. Then I read a journal article on the effect of stress on classicalconditioning, which may be a new field of research I want to embark on in thenear future...


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