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Finally Friday came for me to go to Andy's house t have dinner! In the morning after eating breakfast I contacted a taxi driver and asked him to come over at about16:10 to take me for a ride to Lake & Covell Boulevard. He finally arrivedten minutes later and called me. I did not get the phone as I walked towards him.

"That is Ok.." I said. "No, it is not OK!" said he. He seemed to alittle unhappy about my failure to respond to his calling because he told me hewas in a hurry to fetch another client. anyway within 5 minutes I arrived atthe bus stop named Lake and Covell Boulevard and, fortunately, got onto the P-line bus several minutes later. Within about 20 minutes I was in the Human Memory Lab at about 5:00 pm. I sat in the chair for some time and searched outthe route to his house. According to Google Map it was just a 12-minute walk,which is indeed a short distance from the lab...


I walked and walked, with the guidance of Google Map, and arrived at his house at about 18:10. I saw the number 508 on the red-brick wall. I walked around near his house, waiting for the right time to come. Finally it was 18:30 and I sentAndy a message  telling him I was outside his house. No reply. So I called him.No one was available. So with a certain amount of worry and anxiety, I knocked on the door. Still it seemed no one was inside although I somehow heard of someone was responding. Finally as I was totally confused, Andy came out, with barefeet! I told him that I sent him a message and called him, and he said"I am sorry. I left my cellphone somewhere in the house....".  So I followed him and walked inside a fence,where, as we stood, Axel, a Germany psychologist, came with his bike. Soon Jonna, Andy's wife, came out and I shook hands with her.


Then I followed them into the house--or the kitchen? I saw a small table on whichsome candles were lit to create a relaxing atmosphere...

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