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The nightmare finally comes to an end

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It is June 1, 2014 today, the Chinese Children's Day. The nightmare which has lasted 5 years finally comes to an end. From 2009 to 2014, the past five years as a postgraduate student is really a nightmare due to the two supervisors, and also due to my lack of interest in the current topic.


In the year 2009, I was transferred to South China Normal University to start my graduate study as a result of the failure to pass the entrance examination for postgraduate study in the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science.  In SCNU, I started my graduate study in September 2009. At first, my supervisor, ABQ, assigned me to conducting the research in the field of stochastic resonance. After doing the study of a topic in the field of stochastic resonance for one semester, I was compelled to be supervised by another supervisor, SZG, who specializes in the field of complex networks. As a result, I was forced to quit the study of the previous topic and to conduct the research in the field of complex networks. In retrospect, this transition has marked the prelude to my nightmare in the following period of graduate study.


Due to the reasons that I have been ignorant of so far, my second supervisor, SZG, always urged me to write programs associated with the research topic. It seemed that he did not believe that I could be able to be self-disciplined, so he always bombarded me with emails and telephone calls to force me to make progress. This process lasted more than half an year, which made me being on the verge of mental breakdown. Finally, in the last day of the vacation for the National Days in 2010, I finally formulated an theoretical idea, then my supervisor helped me in computer simulations, which was the end of my mental breakdown. However, I was still ignorant of how to do programming in terms of the two basic models in complex networks. Given this situation, I decided to continue to engage in PhD study to compensate for the knowlege and skills associated with the research


In 2012, I was admitted to HKBU to start my PhD study, my current research topic is strongly associated with the background knowledge and skills during my master's degree. I did not know how to compensate for the knowledge and skills. Frankly speaking, I am a layman to the field of complex networks. even if I have one publication in 2011, so I have become totally fed up with complex networks.  This situation results in my failure to pass the confimation of candidature in February 2014.


After several months of contemplation, I have finally found out my points of interest. My research interest lies in the research of quantum mechanics as well as its applications to real-world problems. On the other hand, I also love to teach my students to learn advanced mathematics and quantum mechanics. Go ahead, I decide to apply for another PhD position to attack some quantum mechanical problems. Go ahead, I am sure I will have a promising future.  


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