Classical Logic and Conjugate Logic Comparisons on Paradoxes

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Connection paradox is one of the oldest one puzzle in oriental history with well-known Gong Sunlong's statement: "A White Horse is NOT a Horse" in three BC.

Paradoxes are played a key role in developments of new mathematics. Similar as Godel's paradoxes had finished Hilbert mathematical foundation program in the 20 century,  connection paradox will play a key role to use paradox-free logic computation in future complicated dynamic systems from reserach, development and applications in parallel synchronous logic information computing environments.

Through this PPT, the connection paradox is shown in any classical Logic system under DNF or CNF in parallel and synchronous logic computing environments such as ultra-super parallel computers, WWW computing environment to generally support AI/  Metaverse / ChatGPT / Neuro-Computing, it is necessary to use new vector logic system ~ Conjugate Logic Construction to remove this kind of Logic paradoxes from dynamic logic foundation for future advanced Logic computing researches, develoments & applications. 

Brief descriptions are in this PPT and more detailed materials are in Conjugate Construction of Quantum Optics
Book Access URL: 


Conjugate Construction of Quantum Optics
Book Access URL:   

Variant Construction from Theoretical Foundation to Applications, Springer Nature 2019, OA Book free-Access URL: 

变值体系理论基础及其应用,第一卷 理论基础及其应用,科学出版社 2021

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