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静远嘲风封面设计作品-Advanced Functional Materials

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Advanced Functional Materials
Volume 25, Issue 10, page 1474, March 11, 2015


Hydrogen-Terminated Si Nanowires as Label-Free Colorimetric Sensors in the Ultrasensitive and Highly Selective Detection of Fluoride Anions in Pure Water Phase

Hui Wang, Pei-Hong Fan, Bin Tong, Yu-Ping Dong, Xue-Mei Ou, Fan Li and Xiao-Hong Zhang

The detection of anions in pure water phase with colorimetric sensor is a long standing challenge. As one of the most important anions, F is associated with nerve gases and the refinement of uranium for nuclear weapons. However, limited by its anions nature, few of the reported colorimetric sensors can successfully applied to detect F–1 in pure water phase. This work designs a colorimetric sensor for F–1 pure water phase detection by taking the advantages of the strong specific binding between F and Si, as well as the color-changing property of H-terminated Si nanowires (SiNWs). The sensor demonstrates ultra-sensitivity, high selectivity, and good stability. The results reveal particular interest for the development of new type aqueous phase anions sensors with SiNWs.


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