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发表期刊:Lab on a Chip

论文题目:A novel microfluidic device integrating focus-separation speed reduction design and trap arrays for high-throughput capture of circulating tumor cells

论文作者:Chunyang Lu, Jian Xu, Jintao Han, Xiao Li, Ningtao Xue,  Jinsong Li,  Wenhua Wu, Xinlei Sun, Yugang Wang, Qi Ouyang, Gen Yang, Chunxiong Luo 

发表日期:21 November, 2020

论文摘要:Isolation and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from peripheral blood provides a potential way to detect and characterize cancer. Existing technologies to separate or capture CTCs from whole blood still have issues with sample throughput, separation efficiency or stable efficiency at different flow rates. Here, we proposed a new concept to capture rare CTCs from blood by integrating a triangular prism array-based capture apparatus with streamline-based focus-separation speed reduction design. The focus-separation design could focus and maintain CTCs, while removing a considerable proportion of liquid (98.9%) containing other blood cells to the outlet, therefore, a high CTC capture efficiency could be achieved in the trap arrays with a high initial flow rate. It is worth mentioning that the new design works well over a wide range of flow rates, so it does not require the stability of the flow rate. The results showed that this novel integrated chip can achieve a sample throughput from 5 to 40 mL h−1 with a stable and high CTC capture efficiency (up to 94.8%) and high purity (up to 4 log white blood cells/WBC depletion). The clinical experiment showed that CTCs including CTC clusters were detected in 11/11 (100.0%) patients (mean = 31 CTCs mL−1, median = 25 CTCs mL−1). In summary, our chip enriches and captures CTCs based on physical properties, and it is simple, cheap, fast, and efficient and has low requirements on flow rate, which is very suitable for large-scale application of CTC testing in clinics.​


发表期刊:Materials Horizons

论文题目:T cell force-responsive delivery of anticancer drugs using mesoporous silica microparticles

论文作者:Kewen Lei, Li Tang

发表日期:01 December, 2020

论文摘要:T cell-based cancer immunotherapy has achieved great success in the clinic; however, only a small fraction of patients respond to this therapy. Strategies to specifically and safely augment anticancer activity through controlled delivery of T cell supporting factors or drugs for combination therapy remain of high interest. Here, we devised a T cell force-responsive system for selective delivery of anticancer drugs using a mesoporous silica microparticle capped with a DNA force sensor. Upon T cell receptor (TCR) triggering, T cells exerted synaptic forces, a unique biophysical stimulus, to rupture the force-sensitive DNA gatekeepers on the mesopores leading to rapid drug release. Our results demonstrated that this cellular force-responsive system specifically released anticancer drugs in a T cell force-dependent manner and significantly enhanced cancer cell killing in vitro and in vivo. This work opens a new horizon toward designing next-generation drug delivery systems in response to signaling-specific cellular forces.



论文题目:Atomic insight into spin, charge and lattice modulations at SrFeO3−x/SrTiO3 interfaces

论文作者:Kun Xu, Youdi Gu, Cheng Song, Xiaoyan Zhong, Jing Zhu 

发表日期:March 28, 2021

论文摘要:Novel phenomena and functionalities at interfaces of oxide heterostructures are currently of great interest in a wide range of applications. At such interfaces, charge, spin, orbital and lattice ordering coexist and correlate closely, contributing to rich functional responses. By using atomically resolved imaging and spectroscopy techniques, we investigated magnetic behaviors and structural modulation at the SrFeO3−x/SrTiO3 interface. Fe/Ti element intermixing and oxygen vacancies occurred across a few unit cells at the interface. Furthermore, antiferromagnetic spin ordering of Fe with different valence states in the interface of SrFeO3−x/SrTiO3 induced uncompensated magnetic moments. Compared to the SrFeO3−x/La0.3Sr0.7Al0.65Ta0.35O3 heterojunction, the variations of charge and lattice order parameters at the SrFeO3−x/SrTiO3 interfaces were also determined by advanced electron microscopy, which provided a good understanding of the physical origin of disparate macroscopic magnetic properties, further investigated by magnetometer measurements and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) spectra. These studies provide comprehensive insight into the interfacial modulation of ferrite oxide, which may be useful for designing future devices in oxide electronics.


发表期刊:Nanoscale Horizons

论文题目:A “PDMS-in-water” emulsion enables mechanochemically robust superhydrophobic surfaces with self-healing nature

论文作者:Mingzheng Ge, Chunyan Cao, Fanghua Liang, Rong Liu, Yu Zhang, Wei Zhang, Tianxue Zhu, Bo Yi, Yuxin Tang, Yuekun Lai

发表日期:January 01, 2020

论文摘要:It is highly challenging to construct a durable superhydrophobic coating for practical applications since the coating is easily destroyed by mechano-chemical attack. To address this issue, a “PDMS-in-water” emulsion approach is for the first time adopted to design a mechanochemically robust superhydrophobic cotton fabric with intelligent self-healing nature, without using any fluorine-containing components. With this approach, PDMS molecules firstly penetrate into the cotton fiber, and then graft onto the surface of the cotton fabric with a strong binding force, creating hierarchical rough structures and lowering the surface energy simultaneously. Benefitting from this design, the PDMS@cotton fabric exhibits high superhydrophobicity with a water contact angle over 155°, surpassing all the PDMS-in-organic solvent based approaches. Impressively, the surface repairs its superhydrophobicity throughout the whole lifetime though damaged by machine washing or abrasion (>100 cycles), due to the self-diffusion process of PDMS molecules from the inner part to the outer surface of the cotton fibers to minimize surface free energy. Besides, the superhydrophobic coatings display superior chemical stability in strongly acidic and alkaline solution, and maintain similar textile physical properties of the cotton fabric, such as elongation at break, tensile strength, etc. Our environment-friendly “PDMS-in-water” approach can be easily integrated into industrial textile finishing treatment and is promising to apply to various substrates with robust superhydrophobic surfaces.


发表期刊:Nanoscale Horizons

论文题目:The mixture effect on ionic selectivity and permeability of nanotubes

论文作者:Mao Wang, Wenhao Shen, Xue Wang, Gehui Zhang, Shuang Zhao, Feng Liu

发表日期:September 01, 2020

论文摘要:Ion-selective nanotubes have great potential in applications such as ion separation, desalination, and power generation. However, their performance is often limited by the deteriorated selectivity in mixed salt solutions. To reveal the underlying mechanism of the mixture effect on ion transport through nanotubes, we perform molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on ion transport through carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and polymer nanopores with a pore diameter of ~1 nm and a charge density of −1 e nm−2. Based on the simulation results, when a single salt solution is replaced by a mixed salt solution, the ionic selectivity drops as the permeability of higher permeable ions decreases much greater than that of lower permeable ions. This is because the adsorption of lower permeable ions on the inner surface of nanotubes blocks the ion flux and increases the entrance barrier to the nanotube, and the adsorption is significantly reduced in the mixed salt solution. Such a reduction results from the occupancy of higher permeable ions on the adsorption sites as they have a higher adsorption tendency albeit weaker adsorption compared with lower permeable ions. These studies will help design the next generation of nanostructures to circumvent the mixture effect and show high permeability and selectivity in real applications.


发表期刊:Materials Chemistry Frontiers

论文题目:Inverted perovskite solar cells based on potassium salt-modified NiOX hole transport layers

论文作者:Xinyi Liu, Hong Wei Qiao, Mengjiong Chen, Bing Ge, Shuang Yang, Yu Hou, Hua Gui Yang

发表日期:May 07, 2021

论文摘要:Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have been attracting increasing attention in recent years because of their exceptional high efficiency with incredible developments. However, the poor contact between the hole transport layer (HTL) and perovskite layer still limits the further development of power conversion efficiency (PCE) for inverted solar cells, particularly for inorganic HTL based devices. Herein, potassium salt (KI, KSCN and KNO3) modified nickel oxides are selected as HTLs to improve the photovoltaic performance of an inverted device. We found that all potassium salts play positive roles in optimizing the photovoltaic parameters. Through the modification of potassium salts, higher charge recombination impedance and strong photoluminescence quenching were achieved, which means retarded carrier nonradiative recombination and quick charge transfer at the interface. Besides, KI modified NiOX could improve the perovskite film coverage and reduce trap densities. Thus, the champion device based on a KI modified NiOX film attained a PCE of 20.10% with an enhanced fill factor of 0.812. The findings demonstrate that potassium doping is an effective route to improve the performance of inverted planar PSCs.







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