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发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution: Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution under Ambient Conditions on Polymeric Carbon Nitride/Donor‐π‐Acceptor Organic Molecule Heterostructures

论文作者:Kui Li, Lei Wang, Zhongxin Chen, Xianfeng Yang, Yu‐Xiang Yu, Wei‐De Zhang, Ye Wang, Yumeng Shi, Kian Ping Loh, Qing‐Hua Xu

发表日期:October 22, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2005106, Yumeng Shi, Qing‐Hua Xu, and co‐workers design a novel type II molecule heterojunction photocatalyst based on donor‐π‐acceptor‐structured organic molecules (OMs)‐modified polymeric carbon nitride (PCN). The efficient charge transfer between PCN and the OMs leads to a high quantity of photo‐excited electrons and record photocatalytic hydrogen evolution performance under ambient conditions.


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:TMD Nanosheets: Solid Phase Exfoliation for Producing Dispersible Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Nanosheets

论文作者:Liangzhu Zhang, Cheng Chen, Jiadong Zhou, Guoliang Yang, Jiemin Wang, Dan Liu, Zhiqiang Chen, Weiwei Lei

发表日期:November 04, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2004139, Dan Liu, Weiwei Lei, and co‐workers develop a universal and facile solid phase exfoliation strategy to produce dispersible transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) nanosheets. The exfoliated TMD nanosheets can be readily processed as powders, water dispersions, and thin films.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials Interfaces

论文题目:Graphene Oxide Frameworks: Galvanic Replacement of Liquid Metal/Reduced Graphene Oxide Frameworks

论文作者:Yushu Wang, Shengnan Wang, Hao Chang, Wei Rao

发表日期:October 08, 2020

论文摘要:Current surface passivation techniques change the electrochemical characteristics of liquid metal nanoparticles. In article number 2000626 by Wei Rao and co‐workers, liquid metal/reduced graphene oxide frameworks with intact electrochemical property of metal demonstrate two different types of galvanic replacement patterns depended on the Gibbs free energy of redox reaction, providing new ideas for the preparation of noble metal nanoparticles and nanostructured compounds, and high‐ esolution detection of heavy metal ions.


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Surface Atomic Architecture: Engineering Surface Atomic Architecture of NiTe Nanocrystals Toward Efficient Electrochemical N2 Fixation

论文作者:Menglei Yuan, Qiongguang Li, Jingxian Zhang, Jiawen Wu, Tongkun Zhao, Zhanjun Liu, Le Zhou, Hongyan He, Bin Li, Guangjin Zhang

发表日期:September 24, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2004208, Bin Li, Guangjin Zhang, and co‐workers show that by manipulation of the surface chemistry of the catalyst at the atomic level to expose Ni sites that serve as active sites for N2 reduction reaction, a novel strategy for selective exposing active facets in NiTe nanocrystal is designed. The obtained optimal catalyst shows a high Faraday efficiency of 17.38% and NH3 yield rate of 33.34 μg h−1 mg−1.


发表期刊:Small methods

论文题目:Optimized Self‐Templating Synthesis Method for Highly Crystalline Hollow Cu2O Nanoboxes

论文作者:Ruoyun Dai, Weng‐Chon Cheong, Jiqing Jiao, Chao Zhang, Yu Zhang, Zheng Chen, Caiyun Nan, Chen Chen

发表日期:December 11, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2000521 by Zheng Chen, Chen Chen, and co‐workers, an optimized self‐ emplating synthesis method is developed for preparing highly crystalline hollow Cu2O nanoboxes with relatively small sizes. The evolution process is systematically characterized and the synthesis conditions are carefully controlled. Benefiting from the unique hollow structure, Cu2O nanoboxes can give ≈100% yield for the oxidative homocoupling reaction of terminal alkynes as heterogeneous catalysts under mild conditions.



论文题目:A Dendrite‐Structured RbX (X=Br, I) Interlayer for CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells with Over 15 % Stabilized Efficiency

论文作者:Jingjing He, Bing Ge, Yu Hou, Shuang Yang, Hua Gui Yang

发表日期:October 21, 2020

论文摘要:The Front Cover shows a dendrite‐structured RbX (X=Br, I) interlayer for CsPbI2Br solar cells that realized power conversion efficiencies (PCE) over 15 % with a high open‐circuit voltage (VOC) of 1.27 V. This RbX interlayer could optimize the surface wetting behavior of TiO2 films and thus enabled the high quality of perovskite films. Interestingly, such a RbX dendrite‐structured interlayer also optimized the contact between perovskite and transport layer as well as passivated surface defects. More information can be found in the Full Paper by J. He et al.




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