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发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie

论文题目:Fast and Long‐Lasting Iron(III) Reduction by Boron Toward Green and Accelerated Fenton Chemistry

论文作者:Peng Zhou, Wei Ren, Gang Nie, Xiaojie Li, Xiaoguang Duan, Yongli Zhang, Shaobin Wang

发表日期:September 14, 2020

论文摘要:Fenton Systems Cleavage of the B−B bond in crystalline boron provides electrons for FeIII reduction to FeII. Details of this Fenton‐like system are described by X. Duan, S. Wang et al. in their Research Article on page 16517.


发表期刊:Polymer Chemistry

论文题目:End-functionalised glycopolymers as glycosaminoglycan mimetics inhibit HeLa cell proliferation

论文作者:Chendong Yang, Lei Gao, Meng Shao, Chao Cai, Lihao Wang, Yifan Chen, Jianghua Li, Fei Fan, Yubing Han, Ming Liu, Robert J. Linhardt, Guangli Yu

发表日期:August 07, 2020

论文摘要:The glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) on cell surfaces play significant roles during cancer development, and the heparanase activity is strongly implicated in the structural remodeling of the extracellular GAG matrix, potentially leading to tumour cell invasion. Polymer–protein/peptide conjugates are one of the most promising approaches for anticancer therapy due to their controllability, biocompatibility, and targeting properties. In this study, distinct and well-defined glycopolymer–peptide conjugates, mimicking the multivalent architecture found in GAGs, were synthesised for targeting and killing tumour cells. Regio-selectively sulphated galactosamine derivatives were chemically synthesised, and six GAGs-mimetic glycopolymers were generated by post-modification based on the ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP). The glycopolymers with diverse galactosamine sulphation patterns showed significant inhibitory effects on heparanase. Glycopolymers decorated with 3,4,6-O-sulphated GalNAc exhibited the highest activities, inhibiting heparanase as well as tumour cell proliferation. We demonstrated that a novel glycopeptide mimetic, derived from end-functionalised conjugation of the iRGD peptide on the glycopolymer, could effectively enter HeLa cells and inhibit signalling pathways involved in tumour cell proliferation. These findings should promote the development of novel glycomimetics for specific tumour-targeted therapies.

d0py90121k1.jpg发表期刊:Analytical Chemistry

论文题目:Probing Conformational Polymorphism of DNA Assemblies with Nanopores

论文作者:Yingying Sheng, Ke Zhou, Quansheng Liu, Lei Liu, Hai-Chen Wu

发表日期:June 02, 2020

论文摘要:Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) can be designed to assemble into duplexes and other high-order structures through Watson–Crick hydrogen bonds. Incorporation of unnatural nucleobases or binding with small molecules can also introduce new interactions that give rise to novel DNA assemblies. However, the methods for determining the conformational properties of DNA assemblies are still very limited. Here we develop a new strategy for probing conformational polymorphism of different DNA assemblies. By installing poly(dC)30 tails to the ends of individual ssDNA that assemble into duplex, triplex, or other complex structures, we are able to observe different current blockade patterns corresponding to specific DNA nanostructures when the DNA assemblies are lodged inside α-hemolysin vestibule. We can also monitor the disassembly of the DNA nanostructures in solution. This method complements the existing traditional technologies such as circular dichroism spectroscopy, fluorescence labeling, and NMR spectroscopy, and shows distinct advantages of high accuracy and general applicability.


发表期刊:Analytical Chemistry

论文题目:Axial-Circular Magnetic Levitation: A Three-Dimensional Density Measurement and Manipulation Approach

论文作者:Chengqian Zhang, Peng Zhao, Fu Gu, Xuechun Zhang, Jun Xie, Yong He, Huamin Zhou, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng Turng

发表日期:May 19, 2020

论文摘要:Magnetic levitation (MagLev) is a promising technology for density-based analysis and manipulation of diamagnetic objects of various physical forms. However, one major drawback is that MagLev can be performed only along the central axis (one-dimensional MagLev), thereby leading to (i) no knowledge about the magnetic field in regions other than the axial region, (ii) inability to handle objects of similar densities, because they are aggregated in the axial region, and (iii) objects that can be manipulated (e.g., separated or assembled) in only one single direction, that is, the axial direction. This work explores a novel approach called “axial-circular MagLev” to expand the operational space from one dimension to three dimensions, enabling substances to be stably levitated in both the axial and circular regions. Without noticeably sacrificing the total density measurement range, the highest sensitivity of the axial-circular MagLev device can be adjusted up to 1.5 × 104 mm/(g/cm3), approximately 115× better than that of the standard MagLev of two square magnets. Being able to fully utilize the operational space gives this approach greater maneuverability, as the three-dimensional self-assembly of controllable ring-shaped structures is demonstrated. Full space utilization extends the applicability of MagLev to bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, and advanced manufacturing.


发表期刊:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

论文题目:Wireless Electrochemotherapy by Selenium-Doped Piezoelectric Biomaterials to Enhance Cancer Cell Apoptosis

论文作者:Changhao Li, Yangfan Li, Tiantian Yao, Lei Zhou, Cairong Xiao, Zhengao Wang, Jinxia Zhai, Jun Xing, Junqi Chen, Guoxin Tan, Yahong Zhou, Suijian Qi, Peng Yu, Chengyun Ning

发表日期:August 05, 2020

论文摘要:Cancer residues around the surgical site remain a significant cause of treatment failure with cancer recurrence. To prevent cancer recurrence and simultaneously repair surgery-caused defects, it is urgent to develop implantable biomaterials with anticancer ability and good biological activity. In this work, a functionalized implant is successfully fabricated by doping the effective anticancer element selenium (Se) into the potassium–sodium niobate piezoceramic, which realizes the wireless combination of electrotherapy and chemotherapy. Herein, we demonstrate that the Se-doped piezoelectric implant can cause mitochondrial damage by increasing intracellular reactive oxygen species levels and then trigger the caspase-3 pathway to significantly promote apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells in vitro. Meanwhile, its good biocompatibility has been verified. These results are of great importance for future deployment of wireless electro- and chemostimulation to modulate biological process around the defective tissue.


发表期刊:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

论文题目:Wood-Derived Carbon with Selectively Introduced C═O Groups toward Stable and High Capacity Anodes for Sodium Storage

论文作者:Lan Chen, Lulu Bai, Jingjie Yeo, Tong Wei, Wenshuai Chen, Zhuangjun Fan

发表日期:June 17, 2020

论文摘要:Biomass-derived carbon is a promising sustainable anode material for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). Although the electrochemical performance can be improved by introducing functional groups, the selective introduction of single functional groups into biomass carbon remains difficult. Here, we overcome this challenge by developing a wood-derived carbon with selectively introduced C═O groups by combining tetramethoxysilane (TMOS) with wood cellulose pulps. The integration of TMOS introduces abundant C═O groups into the carbon during the polycondensation and pyrolysis process. The C═O groups play a dominant role in anode surface-controlled processes, and this leads to improvements in pseudo-capacity and fast electrode process kinetics. Besides, the introduction of C═O groups generates oxygen functional active sites that promote Na+ adsorption and creates a sufficiently large graphene interlayer distance. The as-obtained carbon shows a high capacity of 330 mAh g–1 at 40 mA g–1 and excellent cycling stability. Moreover, our strategy is simple and uses wood cellulose pulps as precursors. It therefore enables low-cost and large-scale synthesis of carbon anode materials for SIBs.





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