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论文题目:The Potential of Photovoltaics to Power the Belt and Road Initiative

论文作者:Shi Chen, Xi Lu, Yufei Miao, Yu Deng, Chris P. Nielsen, Noah Elbot, Yuanchen Wang, Kathryn G. Logan, Michael B. McElroy, Jiming Hao

发表日期:June 27, 2019​

论文摘要:Construction of carbon-intensive energy infrastructure is well underway under the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), challenging the global climate target. Regionally abundant solar power could provide an alternative for electricity generation. An integrative spatial model was developed to evaluate the technical potential of solar photovoltaic power. The influence of impacting factors was quantified systematically on an hourly basis. Results suggest that the electricity potential for the BRI region reaches 448.9 PWh annually, 41.3 times the regional demand for electricity in 2016. Tapping 3.7% of the potential through deploying 7.8 TW capacity could satisfy the regional electricity demand projected for 2030, requiring an investment of approximately 11.2 trillion 2017 USD and a commitment in land area of 88,426 km 2, approximately 0.9% of China’s total. Countries endowed with 70.7% of the overall potential consume only 30.1% of regional electricity. The imbalance underscores the advantage of regional cooperation and investments in interconnected grids.

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论文题目:Coralloid Carbon Fiber-Based Composite Lithium Anode for Robust Lithium Metal Batteries

论文作者:Rui Zhang, Xiang Chen, Xin Shen, Xue-Qiang Zhang, Xiao-Ru Chen, Xin-Bing Cheng, Chong Yan, Chen-Zi Zhao, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:February 23, 2018​

论文摘要:Lithium metal is among the most promising anode materials in next-generation energy-storage systems. However, Li dendrite growth and unstable solid electrolyte interphase have hindered its practical applications. Structured current collectors have been widely proposed to settle these issues, whereas the pre-filling of Li metal into structured anode is challenging. We proposed a coralloid silver-coated carbon fiber-based composite Li anode (CF/Ag-Li) through Ag electroplating and molten Li infusion. The molten Li can be infused into the carbon fiber framework due to the lithiophilic nature of Ag. In addition, a dendrite-free morphology and extraordinary electrochemical performance are achieved in Li-LiFePO4 and Li-sulfur cells. The CF/Ag-Li|Li symmetrical cells can cycle for 160 cycles at 10.0 mA cm−2 and 10.0 mAh cm−2. The CF/Ag-Li|S cells exhibited a high initial discharge capacity of 785 mAh g−1 and a large capacity retention rate after 400 cycles at 0.5C.


发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie 

论文题目:Reversible Luminescent Switching in an Organic Cocrystal: Multi‐Stimuli‐Induced Crystal‐to‐Crystal Phase Transformation

论文作者:Yingjie Liu, Aisen Li, Shuping Xu, Weiqing Xu, Yu Liu, Wenjing Tian, Bin Xu

发表日期:August 24, 2020

论文摘要:A crystal‐to‐crystal phase transformation of organic cocrystals in response to multiple external stimuli, such as solvent vapor and heating, accompanied by reversible luminescence switching is described by B. Xu and co‐workers in their Communication on page 15098. The results indicate that the luminescence switching originates from the unique molecular rearrangement of a hydrogen/halogen‐bond‐directed stack into a π–π‐interaction‐directed stack in response to an external stimulus.​


发表期刊:Small methods

论文题目:Low Lattice Mismatch InSe–Se Vertical Van der Waals Heterostructure for High‐performance Transistors via Strong Fermi‐Level Depinning

论文作者:Jianfeng Jiang, Fanqi Meng, Qilin Cheng, Aizhu Wang, Yuke Chen, Jie Qiao, Jinbo Pang, Weidong Xu, Hao Ji, Yu Zhang, Qinghua Zhang, Shanpeng Wang, Xianjin Feng, Lin Gu, Hong Liu, Lin Han

发表日期:August 14, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2000238, Hong Liu, Lin Han, and co‐workers present InSe‐Se vertical van der Waals (vdW) heterostructures to address a formidable contact engineering challenge, which have a low lattice mismatch of 1.1% and form 2D/2D low‐resistance vdW contacts, creating an InSe contact interface that substantially limits chemical disorder and Fermi‐level pinning.​


发表期刊:Advanced Materials Interfaces

论文题目:Liquid Metal Droplets: On‐Demand Manipulation of Liquid Metal Droplet via van der Waals Adhesion 

论文作者:Jiarui Guo, Yang Wang, Xinpeng Wang, Yaowen Xing, Liang Hu

发表日期:August 20, 2020

论文摘要:On‐demand magnetic control of pure liquid metals is an unresolved problem. In article number 2000732, Liang Hu and co‐workers propose that the van der Waals adhesion established between the ferromagnetic materials and the liquid metal droplets in acid solution provides actuation force. This mechanism realizes controllable and magnetic manipulation of liquid metal without changing its chemical nature.​


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Probiotics Mucoadhesion: Improved Gastric Acid Resistance and Adhesive Colonization of Probiotics by Mucoadhesive and Intestinal Targeted Konjac Glucomannan Microspheres

论文作者:Ying Liu, Bin Liu, Dan Li, Yulin Hu, Liang Zhao, Ming Zhang, Shaoyang Ge, Jie Pang, Yixuan Li, Ran Wang, Pengjie Wang, Yutao Huang, Jing Huang, Jie Bai, Fazheng Ren, Yuan Li

发表日期:August 26, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2001157, Fazheng Ren, Yuan Li, and co‐workers demonstrate an intestinal responsive delivery system for improving the viability of probiotics in gastrointestinal conditions using modified Konjac glucomannan. The delivered probiotics survive under gastric conditions and responsively release in the intestine. Then, disintegrated polysaccharides function as a bridge, promoting the adhesion of probiotics to a mucus network, and prolonging their colonization effectively.





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