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发表期刊:Nanoscale Horizons

论文题目:Rational design of materials interface at nanoscale towards intelligent oil–water separation

论文作者:Mingzheng Ge, Chunyan Cao, Jianying Huang, Xinnan Zhang, Yuxin Tang, Xinran Zhou, Keqin Zhang, Zhong Chen, Yuekun Lai

发表日期:04 January 2018

论文摘要:Oil–water separation is critical for the water treatment of oily wastewater or oil-spill accidents. The oil contamination in water not only induces severe water pollution but also threatens human beings’ health and all living species in the ecological system. To address this challenge, different nanoscale fabrication methods have been applied for endowing biomimetic porous materials, which provide a promising solution for oily-water remediation. In this review, we present the state-of-the-art developments in the rational design of materials interface with special wettability for the intelligent separation of immiscible/emulsified oil–water mixtures. A mechanistic understanding of oil–water separation is firstly described, followed by a summary of separation solutions for traditional oil–water mixtures and special oil–water emulsions enabled by self-amplified wettability due to nanostructures. Guided by the basic theory, the rational design of interfaces of various porous materials at nanoscale with special wettability towards superhydrophobicity–superoleophilicity, superhydrophilicity–superoleophobicity, and superhydrophilicity–underwater superoleophobicity is discussed in detail. Although the above nanoscale fabrication strategies are able to address most of the current challenges, intelligent superwetting materials developed to meet special oil–water separation demands and to further promote the separation efficiency are also reviewed for various special application demands. Finally, challenges and future perspectives in the development of more efficient oil–water separation materials and devices by nanoscale control are provided. It is expected that the biomimetic porous materials with nanoscale interface engineering will overcome the current challenges of oil–water emulsion separation, realizing their practical applications in the near future with continuous efforts in this field.



论文题目:Controllable rotational inversion in nanostructures with dual chirality

论文作者:Lu Dai, Ka-Di Zhu, Wenzhong Shen, Xiaojiang Huang, Li Zhang, Alain Goriely

发表日期:19 February 2018

论文摘要:Chiral structures play an important role in natural sciences due to their great variety and potential applications. A perversion connecting two helices with opposite chirality creates a dual-chirality helical structure. In this paper, we develop a novel model to explore quantitatively the mechanical behavior of normal, binormal and transversely isotropic helical structures with dual chirality and apply these ideas to known nanostructures. It is found that both direction and amplitude of rotation can be finely controlled by designing the cross-sectional shape. A peculiar rotational inversion of overwinding followed by unwinding, observed in some gourd and cucumber tendril perversions, not only exists in transversely isotropic dual-chirality helical nanobelts, but also in the binormal/normal ones when the cross-sectional aspect ratio is close to 1. Beyond this rotational inversion region, the binormal and normal dual-chirality helical nanobelts exhibit a fixed directional rotation of unwinding and overwinding, respectively. Moreover, in the binormal case, the rotation of these helical nanobelts is nearly linear, which is promising as a possible design for linear-to-rotary motion converters. The present work suggests new designs for nanoscale devices.



论文题目:Tungsten diselenide for all-fiber lasers with the chemical vapor deposition method

论文作者:Wenjun Liu, Mengli Liu, Jinde Yin, Hao Chen, Wei Lu, Shaobo Fang, Hao Teng, Ming Lei, Peiguang Yan, Zhiyi Wei

发表日期:26 February 2018

论文摘要:Two-dimensional materials have become the focus of research for their photoelectric properties, and are employed as saturable absorption materials. Currently, the challenge is how to further improve the modulation depth of saturable absorbers (SAs) based on two-dimensional materials. In this paper, three kinds of WSe2 films with different thicknesses are prepared using the chemical vapor deposition method. The nonlinear optical responses of the WSe2 films including the nonlinear saturable absorption and nonlinear refractive index are characterized by the double-balanced detection method and Z-scan experiments. Different modulation depths are successfully obtained by controlling the thickness of the WSe2 films. We further incorporate them into an all-fiber laser to generate mode-locked pulses. The mode-locked fiber lasers with a pulse duration of 185 fs, 205.7 fs and 230.3 fs are demonstrated when the thickness of the WSe2 films is measured to be 1.5 nm, 5.7 nm and 11 nm, respectively. This work provides new prospects for WSe2 in ultrafast photonic device applications.



论文题目:Humidity- and light-driven actuators based on carbon nanotube-coated paper and polymer composite

论文作者:Peidi Zhou, Luzhuo Chen, Liqiang Yao, Mingcen Weng, Wei Zhang

发表日期:11 April 2018

论文摘要:Multi-responsive actuators driven by different stimuli (e.g. light, humidity, electricity) have attracted intense attention recently for the advantages of being used in various environments and show enormous actuation. In this work, we propose humidity- and light-driven actuators based on carbon nanotube (CNT)-coated paper and a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) composite. The CNT–paper/BOPP actuator shows large bending actuation when driven by humidity change (curvature of 1.2 cm−1) and near infrared (NIR) light irradiation (curvature up to 1.6 cm−1). The great actuation performances outperform most other paper-based actuators. Finally, a smart gripper, of which the initial opening width can be enlarged, is fabricated on the basis of the CNT–paper/BOPP actuators. By utilizing the bidirectional bending motion of the actuator, the opening width of the gripper can increase to a width that is 4 times larger than its initial width, so as to grasp a large object. The gripper is also able to raise and move an object that is 20 times heavier than one actuator of the gripper. We assume that this new type of actuator has great potential in artificial muscle, soft robotics and biomimetic applications.



论文题目:Heterostructures of MXenes and N-doped graphene as highly active bifunctional electrocatalysts

论文作者:Si Zhou, Xiaowei Yang, Wei Pei, Nanshu Liu, Jijun Zhao

发表日期:14 March 2018

论文摘要:MXenes with versatile chemistry and superior electrical conductivity are prevalent candidate materials for energy storage and catalysts. Inspired by recent experiments of hybridizing MXenes with carbon materials, here we theoretically design a series of heterostructures of N-doped graphene supported by MXene monolayers as bifunctional electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Our first-principles calculations show that the graphitic sheet on V2C and Mo2C MXenes are highly active with an ORR overpotential down to 0.36 V and reaction free energies for the HER approaching zero, both with low kinetic barriers. Such outstanding catalytic activities originate from the electronic coupling between the graphitic sheet and the MXene, and can be correlated with the pz band center of surface carbon atoms and the work function of the heterostructures. Our findings screen a novel form of highly active electrocatalysts by taking advantage of the fast charge transfer kinetics and strong interfacial coupling of MXenes, and illuminate a universal mechanism for modulating the catalytic properties of two-dimensional hybrid materials.



论文题目:Spray coating of the PCBM electron transport layer significantly improves the efficiency of p-i-n planar perovskite solar cells

论文作者:Yifan Zheng, Jaemin Kong, Di Huang, Wei Shi, Lyndsey McMillon-Brown, Howard E. Katz, Junsheng Yu, André D. Taylor

发表日期:02 April 2018

论文摘要:The p-i-n structure for perovskite solar cells has recently shown significant advantages in minimal hysteresis effects, and scalable manufacturing potential using low-temperature solution processing. However, the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of the perovskite p-i-n structure remains low mainly due to limitations using a flat electron transport layer (ETL). In this work, we demonstrate a new approach using spray coating to fabricate the [6,6]-phenyl-C(61)-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) ETL. By creating a rough surface, we effectively improve the light trapping properties inside the PCBM ETL. We reveal that the spray coated PCBM can form a cross-linked network, which may facilitate better charge transport and enhance extraction efficiency. By improving the contact between the perovskite film and the PCBM ETL, a reduction in the trap states is observed resulting in a PCE increase from 13% to >17%.


发表期刊:Advanced Healthcare Materials

论文题目:Gut Microbiota: Acute Oral Administration of Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes Increases Intestinal Permeability and Inflammatory Responses: Association with the Changes in Gut Microbiota in Mice

论文作者:Hanqing Chen, Ruifang Zhao, Bing Wang, Lingna Zheng, Hong Ouyang, Hailong Wang, Xiaoyan Zhou, Dan Zhang, Zhifang Chai, Yuliang Zhao, Weiyue Feng

发表日期:11 July 2018 

论文摘要:Whether the oral exposure of single‐walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) have an impact on the homeostasis of gut microbiota is an essential step for their safe application. In article 1701313 by Weiyue Feng and co‐workers, the deposited SWCNTs in the intestinal tract disturb intestinal integrity, perform antibacterial activity and drive the compositional alteration in gut microbiota, consequently triggering the “metabolic inflammation” responses.





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