Grand Challenges

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Chen, C. (2016) Grand challenges in measuring and characterizing scholarly impact. arXiv:1603.00812

 The constantly growing body of scholarly knowledge of science, technology, and humanities is an asset of the mankind. While new discoveries expand the existing knowledge, they may simultaneously render some of it obsolete. It is crucial for scientists and other stakeholders to keep their knowledge up to date. Policy makers, decision makers, and the general public also need an efficient communication of scientific knowledge. Several grand challenges concerning the creation, adaptation, and diffusion of scholarly knowledge, and advance quantitative and qualitative approaches to the study of scholarly knowledge are identified.

Grand Challenge 1: Accessibility

Grand Challenge 2: Clarity on Uncertainty

Grand Challenge 3: Connecting Diverse Perspectives

Grand Challenge 4: Benchmarks and Gold Standards

Grand Challenge 5: Integrating Scholarly Metrics and Analytics

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