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来自心怿的诗 (218)

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孤立子产生的白光包络着我, 象一团白云在几何形各异的建筑物间飘动,所以即使有多心人瞧见,也只会认为是一种新型的运载气球或基地实验的一种新式导弹。












































I am skillful moving through between buildings, and is issued a true wave which in fact is a kind of complex electromagnetic weak wave interaction with membrane, and uses string soliton as its main component to have some interaction with gravity for balance, so that I canfly freely.



Soliton generation white envelope with me, like a white cloud float in the differentgeometric shape of buildings, so even if a suspicious person see, also will only be considered as a new launch balloon or a new experimental missile by base.



I like quiet, so be sure to brain induction wave around no one pay attention to my action, I feel comfortable and peaceful.



The base is composed of a big star in five and mixed system, corresponding to the five directions of Galaxy fragrance distributed in different. Each other is interrelated. In the above five pointed star, Galaxy fragrance is still a heavy boundless, but has been commonplace, again proves that it was not illusory experience that the He Ming body has gone away.



I am now in five angle center region where is the center of the base. Whether the scapegoat ofHeming is in the center is not clear. It is interesting to note that more and more closed building, its change distribution of purple clouds surrounded Galaxy fragrance seems to have a gradient.



Colsing more, there is a large group of odd shape building stands, marking out the gate: OrientUniversity.


When I am down from a tall building with wall slip, I has come to the target structure fringetracts of artificial grass, so I walk along the grass.


On the grass there are many sit, lie students, and many football fans are playing.


I calm down myself, then calmly walk into the nearby a classical building marked as engineering museum.



There are several big classrooms in first floor, the teacher is speaking in the class. Suddenly I hear the voice of the Xue Liang, could not help but go to the classroom, gently sit in the last row.



"...... Adevastating nuclear war that happened four thousand years ago, the earth's ecological environment was destroyed, human and animal deaths of more than ninety percent, called the nuclear winter climate in the winter period......"



"The last row, the second by the window, please answer, what is the nuclear winter?" Xue Liang suddenly and loudly ask.


We focus on the back is a desk sleeping student, next one to him hastily pushes him, he opens his dim eyes, next one talks to his ear at once, he seems very awkward.


We set the whole room roaring with laughter, the atmosphere of the classroom begin active, Xue Liang also makes such a fuss about shakes his head.



When a girlr aises her hand, Xue Liang says: "Please speak".



The girl stands up, his face has little red, then asks: "Why human used nuclear war?"





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