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来自心怿的诗 (199)

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    这念头刚起,她全身一震,双眼发出夺人心奎的异彩,如天上急卷的飞云: "桥教授!你有何居心?语气正色凛然,一改先前的温婉的态度。





A shocking jumping idea in my mind disturbs to floating, if the Milky Way fragrance from Mr. He Ming original qi field, then his level would be equivalent to a huge senior intelligence source of radiationwhich comes from outside of earth, according to my experience in the demon starbeauty, he basically is a form of field state life.



My fear is: whether the basic human values in him will be changed? Is he still a human being? The madness in the demonstar beauty told me that, from the human point of view, a field state of lifeis a long leap for the body life form, which is either to the left or right andhardly finding a suitable way.



Phoenix eyes flies a slight surprised, saying:"Prof. Chau! I feel upset in your heart!"



This sentence me no more doubt her mind withmiracle force background, at the same time quite sure that behind her there is asenior energy field to support, because in her mind of level sensitivity she cannot be so fast to feel my vague uneasiness.



Fake my telepathy can outwit her, but itis difficult to past a senior people behind her.



But is there any way? She is so beautiful, like the Universal Pageant bloom, I do not want to hurt a flower of the universe.




Maybe I have to imagine me as Chau Jie and her as Ping Ping or Overfly girl, then emit a wormer love wave to her.




People often say that wormer love lover is foolish, because love is ecstasy; it makes sense to enable intelligence to be useless, so I hope the wormer love wave to go to her head, and then influence the senior life field behind her.




I wish the great Mr. Her Ming could understand me, if it is really you issued the field behind her in this time.




This idea just play, her whole body on eearthquake, eyes take heart as splendor, like the rush coil flying clouds: "Prof. Chau! What is your intention?" Her tone color awe-inspiring changed the previous gentle attitude.




Not good, I hurriedly fall down the love wave pressure, deliberately coughing, and then sigh, as conceal guilty feelings, saying: "See you remind me of the Ping Ping."




Phoenix eyes become such a powerful and unconstrained style, vast expanse, internal pupil as dawn Venus, more clear, a kind of cool and refreshing feeling through my heart, it's like the stars into the fabric of the night of quiet, slowly in my heart and smooth, my whole body feels tenderly at the dawn of the transparent.



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