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来自心怿的诗 (172)

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Blue clansman appear to be unprepared in come unexpectedly to sneak attack, and in the grand hope festival, the most of people are in blue wine soaked, drunk is reel right and left, how can organize immediately an effective counterattack? So although the numbers of them are more than the enemy, but they are completely thrown into a position of being hunted.


My energy sword flashing green and white quarrelling, when I rushed to the campfire thousands of brown soldiers have been successfully from the campfire puncture out, and are collecting team to prepare attack again in not far distance. In the evening campfire scene they had left one thousand more bodies, the injured people are numerous. Most of people are the elderly, women and children who are hard to escape.  So the disaster victims are moaning everywhere.


To see so many blues dead, my heart is grief, those bodies, only a short while ago a few young people have had challenged to the blue girl, too, now they have become the residual cold corpse body. Life sometimes really is unexpected ah, I wish one day when I leave this world, I can be meaningful than they are, maybe today!


I'm opening the eyes with a shout, hands energy sword rapid transformation, and rush to the distant brown army.


Big blue nation start to organize back the caves, I can feel the atmosphere of Taiji in their head space is circled and gradually gathered to a certain order, although comparing with the biological field of the Brown family strong outside, this order is weak.



Two agile figures out from the next jump, stop in front of me, it is Lan Ding blue and Fei Lan. Following is the blue girl.



I eagerly ask: "How about old young chief?"



The blue girl says: "I do not find him, may be he is leading to withdraw."



The Lan Ding excits red eyes, and shouts: "I want to go clarifying the executioner accounts, you have a look, they killed many people! It's a thousand lives! "



I see that the brown army have turned back flushing, and sink sounds to say: "These guys premeditated, it seems we have to struggle our life with them. In order to avoid more casualties, I am first, Lan Ding and Fei Lan are separation two sides, and the blue girl behind to take care of the wounded. Let us give them a strong impact."


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