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来自心怿的诗 (166)

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Can I let him succeed? Quantum information density wave traction is projected by me, so he scratches at right empty side of the blue girl, the blue girl uses her palms of the hands making Taiji rotating wave to push the tall man out.


White light as a wind, the tall body already flew out, and falls in the three meters away.


Peripheral suddenly in perfect silence, regardless of who did not think that the national beauty and heavenly fragrance of the blue group -- peony girl could push the tall wrestling champion to fly.


The tall man quickly struggles to climb up, blue light starts opening and closing to frantically, the feet jumping out, and his hands play posture as a tiger or grasping bashing movement, obviously this time he is serious.


The blue girl hands rotating cloud, white surround, stay calm to prepare fight.


A tall double claw again to try catch towards the blue girl, the blue girl has a cloud sideways to let it left, and then she takes to hold the tall guy left wrist forward to fall.


The tall man after all strong, the blue girl this action does not move with him at once. Then she has a left turn, the tall guy right palm comes, the blue girl left palm hits, then, a group of blue and white bright light burst from both sides, the both spring out five meters of confrontation.


Peripheral ridicule tall voices begin to emerge. The dozen blue bully supporters, now all become tall curser, strange laugh as one wave after wave.


The tall man hanging in the face, frantically clawing the blue girl, like smoke surround her, accompanied by a rain of cuff and kick, with the force of evil tiger, its force like that bison.


But see the blue girl is as a swallow shuttle maneuvers, as wind, pointing to the east to beat the west, stroke a thousand using four, so that any action along her rotating tangential flow.


Only in this dangerous situation, I can better understand the meaning of Tai Chi, which is rotating, turning all the role for the tangent movement, which is a central dogma of the universal game.


The blue girl and tall guy contest is rotation to strength. However, after all, the physical fitness of female and male is different, although the tall guy strong force are moved by the blue girl spinning, but the blue girl can not constitute an effective counterattack to fall down the tall guy.


That's when I shot again. As bright world, and sun and moon as fluorescence, can one let the evil prevail to this place?



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