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来自心怿的诗 (155)

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I give a loud shout, the left leg piles up suddenly to the ground, the bodily slightly throat, the tenth level of universal resonating status green white light instantaneous eruption, steam raises from the Dantian region, under the green white ray greatly abundant I stiffly pull the silver-white color hard bow to full as moon.


My hand is steady to aim the arrow a kilometer distant place; my think feeling wave surrounds the arrow; my right hands release, the arrow like meteor fly generally, in airborne it has left behind a dazzling white band of light.


Bang bang, white glare, firefly radiant, tempest agitate.


The flurry of light passing over, leaving all the terrified in different poses and with different expressions, one thousand meters away from the target was blown into pieces.


There was a silence, absolute silence.


"Good!The plaudit voice comes from all directions, the all periphery blue color wooden clansmen all cheer, they all excited look me who comes from alien race's humanity, this is not very vigorous and healthy alien race person has pulled open in their mind god bow unexpectedly, and has hit a target a kilometer distant symbolic target. How could let them not be pleasantly surprised.


Cheering people come as tide towards me; I find situation is tight, quickly enter into a imaginary substance state, the implementation of the macroscopic quantum tunneling. I see all strange light continuous; after my mind has a mysterious faint, I have submerged in the surging crowd outside.



I said the macroscopic quantum tunneling is my thinking and feeling wave method the body adjusts to the complete single state, when the whole body of hundreds of millions of atoms in a molecule of a combination of only one isolated wavelet function can be described; in a similar to the so-called Bose-Einstein condensation, thus has a microscopic particle has the tunneling probability.


But such adjustments need the human body with great energy and information coordination, and the internal qi have collateral channels smooth running conditions in general. Usually the body is far from to satisfy this condition. So any blindly trying will lead only to ridiculous results of head bumping south wall.



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