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No tide like rage reaction, as if be in smooth water, demon star beauty seems to smile. But I know this is only a temporary silence before a storm, but no deal to response. Delay approaches have one that is to tell her I'm not from the sky river, but I do not want this way.


Countless stars suddenly between her and me are flashing into numerous rupture of vanity silver light arrows, flying as raining.


My hands with qi gesticulate as barn dance, and beating the torch into sword-shaped, try to make silver light arrow away, at the same time my body in the ground roll maneuvers, avoid the residual silver light arrow to attack.


Despite this, there are still many silver light arrows hit me on the arm and the body as numb and hot feeling terribly, and the qi and blood expanding up.

What is this silver light arrow ah, it is not directly through my body, but like acupuncture as the blood of mad, causing systemic veins like exploding.

Must let the qi discharged, otherwise it may be pulse detonation killed. In the crisis, my best hope to the Laogong acupoint is to let strong qi out to alleviate blood rapid expansion, and resistance of the silver arrow to attack.


My heart chakra, pale red glow more brightly, my palms Laogong acupoint energy starts to emit light, and then there is a terrible pain with head sweating palm. Finally my ten fingers suddenly respectively radiate the white, red, yellow and blue colored light sabers.

Demon star beauty binocular injection cold sharp eyes, staring at me to say: “having little meaning finally." With hands gently waved, thirteen light balls orbiting the red giant moon start to fly toward me by deviating from their orbits.

Thirteen balls are as thirteen light rings, instantaneous project at my face. Hand colored light saber hurriedly waving, thirteen balls are bounced off.


Then the thirteen balls are coming fast as see things in a blur, scary and momentum. My hands are colored light sabers as wielding a lamplight, rainbow momentum, but each time the light saber cut in the ring, both hands are trembling tingle. Just a little hesitation, halo in the body and blood. Then I know again the key role of speed in battle.

Inferior sun begins in violent combustion in the down Dantian, expansion of the blood quickly rotate to the Dantian and turn into red qi, and then fast move on my hands, both hands colored light sabers finally merge into two light red broadsword, with length changes freely and mysterious light shiny.


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