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Martini Coarse-Graining Workshop 2017

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Where: University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands:

When: August 20-25, 2017. The workshop starts Sunday, August 20, 20:00 hours and finishes Friday, August 25, 13:00 hours.

What: Lectures discussing background, philosophy, and theory of coarse-graining in general and the Martini coarse-grained model in particular. Hands-on sessions experiencing aspects of the model yourself, getting practical experience with running, setting-up, and developing new or refined Martini models. Experienced users are available for guidance and discussion.

Who: Anyone interested. However, we assume you to have a working knowledge of the Linux operating system and some experience in running MD simulations. The idea is to let everyone work and progress at their own level, from beginner to experienced modeler. However, you will get more out of the workshop if you invest time in some modeling tools before the workshop. All hands-on exercises use GROMACS, version 5. If you do not have experience with GROMACS, get some practice before the workshop. That will liberate time to spend on learning coarse-graining instead of on learning GROMACS.

Costs: 200 Euro registration fee. For this money, you get coffee/tea during breaks (but no lunches), drinks and snacks during the poster session, a workshop dinner, printed material, and expert input during lectures and hands-on sessions. Travel and accommodation are your own responsibility. We have arranged special offers if you book your hotel early: and The hotel room will cost you at least

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