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ENVI下处理modis产品的绝佳伙伴MODIS Conversion Toolkit (MCTK)

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2011年8月25日更新的MODIS Conversion Toolkit ,支持143种现有的modis数据产品直接处理,同时提供批量数据处理的IDL开发函数接口。
The MODIS Conversion Toolkit (MCTK) is a plugin for ENVI that can ingest, process, and georeference every known MODIS product (currently 143) through your choice of an easy-to-use interactive widget interface or a fully-accessible programmatic interface. Supported products include: - Level 1A Uncalibrated Radiance - Level 1B Calibrated Radiance - Level 2 Swath - Level 2G, Level 3, and Level 4 Grid The interface allows you to take a "cafeteria" approach to MODIS data by providing a list of all available datasets within a file, from which you can choose the ones to process. The ENVI equivalents of MRT and MRTSwath are built in as well, which means that you can input a file, have its contents converted to scientifically meaningful values, and then project those contents into the coordinate system of your choice--all within one interface. Bow tie correction is also available for all swath products. The user guide (included with the plugin) contains:
Descriptions of how the plugin interacts with each major MODIS product categoryScreen captures to aid in using the interactive versionA complete explanation of the programming interface with fully functional sample programs for each major MODIS product category.A list of all supported MODIS product。


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