Grand unified theory-A rapid review of new theory

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The new book "Grand Unified Theory of the Universe" is written by Zhen-hua Mei and was published in Germany at the end of April 2021. The author and colleague Biao Feng made major contributions to the creation of this theory. Considering Biao Feng's important preliminary work on topological structure of matter in the theory, the "B. Feng's theory" words were signed in many published papers, and the main viewpoints and achievements of the theory are compiled in the book.

This theory is a five-dimensional space theory based on Kaluza-Klein; combined with quantum mechanics and parity non-conservation law, the special and general theories of relativity was successfully applied to microscopic field. Starting from classical electromagnetics and the equation of mass-energy relationship in relativity, the theory boldly explores the mass of elementary particles as the confinement of photon wave motion (similar to the loop quantum theory), and unifies the fundamental physical constants into four independent parameters — ε0, c, h, and R0 (where R0 is the newly introduced radius of the author's light-based manifold). Other physical constants, such as the fine structure constant, elementary charge, electron mass, proton mass, and the gravitational constants are no longer fundamental, but can all be calculated by above three or four foundamental physical constants theoretically, with results highly consistent with the experimental values, providing a good explanation for the physical nature of each relevant quantity, demonstrating the universality and rationality of the theory. The theory also incorporates the space-time curvature of general relativity into the microscopic field, allowing for satisfactory computation results; where, the curvature coefficients, k1 = 0.9781465420, k2 = 0.9854075625. 

Especially, the theory theoreticlly calculates the radii of electron and proton. To our surprise, it predicts that the electron radius is about 1835 times larger than the proton (this prediction is yet to be experimentally verified); the key point is that the theory calculated proton has a radius of only 7.67325 × 10-19 m. 

According to the uniqueness of the calculated elementary charge value, the theory argues that any basic particle with a non-zero rest mass must carry a fundamental charge, leading to the important conclusion that the neutron must be a compound entity of the electron and proton, and conclusion that any interaction force essentially being the electromagnetic force. 

The theory calculates the strong nuclear force and the gravitational force, which are consistent with experimental results, thereby realizing a genuine unification of the four fundamental forces (fields) in nature without any restrictions, let alone the high-energy (~1016 GeV) conditions where the traditional GUTs requested. 

The fundamental reason for the strong nuclear force is the electric field attraction produced by the neutron (asymmetric distribution of its negative and positive charge inside) with compared tiny proton nearby, for the neutron seems like the electron in a whole as to outside proton nearby. The weak nuclear force is explained as repulsion between neutrons, but the complexity of the mathematical calculations is much greater than that of the strong, and so the author did not quantitatively study it.

The essence of universal gravity is also electromagnetic force, with a specific form that is analogous to the original calculation of dispersion forces (including two parts of short-ranged and long-ranged) in chemical molecules. However, when the distance enters the macroscopic scale, the short-range force mathematically approaches zero while the long-range part is preserved left behind a result of universal gravity.

The theory also explains the problem of the antimatter instability, the planetary radiation and the evolution of the universe; and proposes the physical mechanism for the stars shining and the Big Bang; and as well as it predicts that the mass of large celestial bodies may be underestimated.

Remarkably, the theory is also related to the Higgs boson and string theory, with corresponding explanations given. 

The advantage of this theory is that its main achievements have been formulated and the formulas represent their perfect elegant, which differ from the traditional GUTs theory. Such as: 


However, this theory has not yet been experimentally verified. Its not acknowledging of the existence of quarks would make it having a long way to go when be widely accepted.

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