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Writing Scientific Papers & Making Prensentations in English1

 General Instructions and Advices

1 notice(all language for scientific paper)

  • scientific attitude
     1. Theoretic investigation, 理论研究
     2. Experiments,
     3. Numerical testing or simulation,

  • Logics
     1. Logical presentation
     2. Language flow

  • Structure and Clarity

  • Know your readers who want to, ※※※
     1. know the result of the paper to determine to ---(Abstract)
     2. know intuitively the key ideas behind this paper, know how it is derived, what are the significance and implications ---(Introduction)
     3. know all the gory detail ---(whole paper)

2 difference between writting papers in English and Chinese

  • Cutural
     1. Confidence versus modesty
     2. Responsibility of delivery, writer side versus reader side

  • Language
     1. Direct translations often do not work!
     博士后流动站:Postdoctoral program(√) versus Post-doctor mobile station(×)

3 Present facts, theories, proof, experiments, testing objectively

 1. avoid unnecessary political, religious, emotional comments
 2. avoid bias and discrimination related to race, gender, age, etc.
 3. sensitive to the comments possibly explained as against the current social ethnics and convention such as those in life and medical science


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